Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Dear Friends,

I got up and wrote a blog about garbage tags this morning and then went to look at my Facebook feed and see that Sarge is still missing.
Sarge is a fabulous English Bulldog who is the best friend and constant companion of Shauna Black who lives in Toronto.
While out of town in northern Bracebridge, Ontario, on January 6th in the midafternoon, Sarge wandered away from the place where Shauna was staying.
Ever since, she has been combing the area where he went missing, setting up groups to find him, calling newpapers, shelters, schools, stores, making posters and generally exhausting every resource she can (and herself, I am sure)  to find to best friend.
Everyday a group of people from all around take the bus to Barrie and Shauna picks them up, they drive to Bracebridge and they look for Sarge.
The social media community has been reposting and sharing info far and wide....literally thousands of people are looking for Sarge.
Today she is trying to locate a diver to find Sarge...because, whatever the end (thinking he may have wandered onto the nearby lake and fallen in), Shauna wants to know where Sarge is.

Can you help in any way?

Here is the Facebook Group:

Help Find Sarge The English Bulldog


Information can come from far away places...from strange places...with odd connections...someone might see some way they can help...you never know what can happen!

Sometimes people find dogs and take them in...that is what may have happened...but for him to get back to Shauna they have to know who Sarge is...so...spread the work...repost this blog, share the group, send this poster in an email, link it on your facebook page,  because it takes one or two moments...and could make a big difference to two lives.

What do you say people?

Help Bring SARGE HOME!!!!

Now, watch this vid below and see how far they can travel and how long it can take sometimes...there is always hope.


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