Wednesday, January 18, 2012

2 Things...One pic and an extended thought...

The above is a screen capture from a skype conversation between  Michael Hughes, Sara Farb and I. For some reason Micke and I are incredulous...who knows why? But I love it...he was just here and yet it was two mash ups ago.
Film at 11:00.

The next thing is an extended thought that I just workshopped on Facebook...but some people aren't on here you go...have a great night....

Holy effing mashing sleeping not sleeping songs running through my head on endlessssss looping chicken and hummus and carrots and peas for dinner 3 diet cokes later 8 dog boots and 2 human boots back aching thrilled to meet deadline wanna pass out and eat a thing I learned today...I learned from Orin Isaacs "I can play it singer-songwriter style"...THAT IS A STYLE!!! THAT WILL SAVE ME MILLIONS OF HOURS OF DESCRIBING. Millions.

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