Saturday, January 07, 2012

Bonnie the papergirl.

Two nights ago I was walking the dogs around Stratford about dusk-ish...god, it gets dark early...and we came around a corner and met a girl...she may be 12, she may be 9...I am, truly, a horrible judge of age...not having any of my own...(I also gave one of my nieces a menu when she was 5..."I can read this, Aunt Sharron!). The girl was in a pink coat with a pink hat...big, huge winter boots and she was pulling along a Radio Flyer filled Beacon Heralds. She looked the three of us over and asked, "Can I pet yowa dogs?" see, she has a tiny speech impediment...I wasn't gonna mention it, because I don't mean to mock just made the whole moment so comtemp. Norman Rockwell that I could barely believe it. I say, "Yes, of course."...she starts telling me about her three dogs...and her mom...and I think..."Should she be talking to strangers...isn't having dogs the way scary people pull you, Sharron you are dark and bit untrusting..." After a while I realized that if I didn't walk away she might not stop...even Cassie had lost interest and was pointing herself as far away from us as possible...did you know that Cassie has a red winter/rain coat that looks like a cape...she looks like a super hero...I digress. So, I wave at the girl, bid her good day and we are back on our way. Today, I come around the same corner, early afternoon and there she is...has she been delivering papers this whole time...did she get into a conversation that didn't stop. She sees us and says, "Can I pet yowa dogs?". For a moment I think she doesn't remember us...but have you seen a pic of my dogs? If I could figure out how to attach a picture to this blog from my IPAD you would see one. Let it be said, they are big, white and quite memorable...the big one weighs 120 pounds...more than my friend Sara Farb. Then she walks up and pets them and says,"Wheya do I know you fwom?". I must have looked stunned and then said, "Well, I met you yesterday with the.....". She interrupts me and says, "Yeah, yeah...I know...but I know yowa voice and yowa face?"...and then she just stares at me. I laugh and say, "Well, I get around..."...what the fuck...then she just keeps staring at me. Uh. Do I list my I continue on my way.... "Have you ever watched Canada Sings?" "Yah." "Well, I am on that Tv show...." "Oh ya." She continues to stare at me...and then proceeds to talk about her dogs...her mom.... glory... Kids will cut you to the quick. I shall call her Bonnie.

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