Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Things that are true. Stratford Workation Week 4.

WEEK 4!?!
Holy crap.
Where did the time go.
These are some things I found to be true today.

1. I type on my IPAD like a Gramma...with both of my pointing fingers...yes, I know some people call these fingers your index fingers...I find that boring.

2. Patience is a virtue. (Thanks To Gramma for that...the Gramma who I type like)

3. Karma is a bitch...and sometimes requires patience...which is a virtue

4. Some songs fit together like a puzzle...others require patience(see above)and a good long...long...long...think

5. When you hold open a door for a dude in Stratford, sometimes they take the unlit cigarette out of their mouth and ask..."How are you doing?" somewhat suggestively. Which, when you are bundled in down from head to toe...seems very strange.

6. After viewing a movie called "Contagion" tonight I have learned that the selfish Gwyneth Paltrow started an epidemic because her company is ruining the rain forests...and then going for Dim Sum.

7. Nate Berkus' show is super boring. Like super boring.

8. Wishes that more people had the courage of their convictions...including myself...and wishes that walking the walk went with talking the talk.

9.  I watched The Talk today. It was amusing....that moderator woman has ENORMOUS hair...I wonder if she has seen her profile...it looks like she is wearing a space helmet.

10. Why is Nate Berkus still on my TV...

11. Cannot wait (but is trying to exercise patience...which is a virtue) for George to come home. He is the best guy in the world. Like, the whole world.

12.  What other people say about us...is none of our business.

13. I should be sleeping....zzzz.

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ChartreuseMonkey said...

Sharron, I just read your blog for the first time - obviously I am new to the planet!


Yeah re Karma. Oh yeah.

See you on FB!

ChartreuseMonkey Iam