Wednesday, January 11, 2012

PMS, Larry David and the Grocery line. Week Two in Stratford.

Is the self serve line at the grocery store any faster?
Is it?
Is it any faster when you are PMSing?
And when something that you are trying to scan won't go through and you turn and look at the girl in charge of the self serve section and she is doing her upmost best to not see you and you then curse really horribly and the guy next to you scanning a bag of Lays is staring at you and his kid who is...well, as we have established earlier this week I cannot judge age....let us say 8...and is sitting in his dad's cart and immediately repeats my it really your fault?
Is it?
I have a headache.
(George is so happy to be in another province...)

But here are two videos that made me smile this morning.

One via the sweet Mary Walsh....

And the second I saw on Shawn Wrights feed...I wonder who Shawn's  fave is ...Harvey or Tim...I wonder if young people are looking at this and wondering who Harvey and Tim are...

Oh, and if I see one more of those stupid knock offs  of "Shit Girls Say" I am going to freak out.
Have a good day.

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