Monday, January 16, 2012

Dog boots and Bradley Cooper's eyes

I thought that, maybe, because these dogs came from the Humane Society that they might be a bit tougher than our sweet Otto, but one minute in the snow at the park and Cassie had two feet in the front and one back...which is challenging, as you might imagine...and Tyson had his ball in his mouth with frozen drool leaking out of the side...and he was sitting on his ass with both front feet in the air...and I could not get my camera fast enough....god damn it.
In Toronto, they have to wear boots because of the DEMON salt on the is horrible...but here in the country...the sand...fancy.
I went back to the know...when you can't find a fucking, fucking, fucking thing...
So, we piled back into the truck and went to visit Auntie Christine at Global Pet...then were booted and filled with pigs ears (exactly what it sounds like...but not as barbaric in person) and treats and here they are.

Goodness gracious.
All that is holy and cute.
We were so exhausted after all of this we only went to the park for a while...but looked cute while doing it.
Imagine the thought of preparing to put on 10 boots before a walk...including your own...jesus wept...and then asked what the title for my show was this year....
Ah, will just have to be patient.

Lord, I have some big secret news...

Anyhow...I watched the Golden Globes last night...I PVR'd them thank goodness...because...snore....zzzzz

Here are a few thoughts...some I have already workshopped on the Facebook....

1. What in the name of all that is holy was Meryl Streep wearing...jesus lord in the heavens.

2. Did you see when Meryl won and Glenn Close looked pissed...and was talking through closed lips to her date...interesting.

3. Ricky Gervais was tamer than last year...sigh...though...I did love when he said Colin Firth was a raging racist...that was funny.

4. Madonna (and we all know how I love her.) can't even articulate a "spontaneous" joke without sounding like she is reading the cereal box without her glasses.

5. How are Bradley Cooper's Huh? How? (Giggles and blushes)

6. Dear Angelina Jolie, something...please.

7. I think George Clooney is the less skanky, more good looking Jack Nicholson of his generation.

8. I love the even Kate Beckensdale couldn't not laugh at Seth Rogen's "massive erection" joke...she tried to be and look  scandalized...but then couldn't stop herself from

9. Oh, William H. Macy and Felicity Huffman...I think your home might be a weird place.

10. What is Johnny Depp's weird accent...what is it? Not french, not british...not mandarin....

11. Do you think Guy Pierce was mad that Peter Dinklage hasn't seen Mildred Pierce? And it is funny that Guy Pierce was IN Mildred Pierce...hee hee.

12. Kate Winslet...I mean...who cares...whatever...not that she is bad or anything...I am just ...zzzzzzzzzz.

13. Is Michelle Williams the size of her child?...she looks like I could fit her in my pocket.

14. The dresses were pretty...except, of course, Meryl's...fave dress? 
Toss up between Charlize...who you can put a fucking burlap bag on and it looks fantastic...

The the hystorical Sofia Vergara....fuck she is some good looking....

That is all I've got.
Have a fabulous day all!

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