Wednesday, September 26, 2012


There was a day that changed my life back in 1984.
None of the people there probably paid it a second thought or have recalled it since then.
It was the day I belonged...yes...lordy...I know, I know...but true...and I pretty sure they didn't know.
The cast of the 'Wiz of Oz' (yes, the people who give the rights to these shows would have been mad to hear that our wonderful director had cherry picked the best songs and script from each show to make one uber high school version) had gone to Mother's Pizza to celebrate our closing. One of the cast members got up to make a speech, he was very cool...almost too cool to be in the school musical...and near the end of his speech he said, "Well, let us just all agree, that Sharron Matthews is Doris Schwartz from 'Fame'."
One might think I should be insulted...she wasn't the coolest or the prettiest character on the TV show BUT in the movie...she was pretty and cool. AND I loved the movie.
So, please imagine my surprise when Seth Rudetsky agreed to have me on his Sirius show again, Seth Speaks, and George, Cooch and I went to sign in the fancy Sirius building on the Avenue of America for the show and just above my name was written 'Dean Pitchford'.
I know that name...why why why?
WE were ushered into the waiting room and a trio of gents greeted us...Dean, his husband Michael and their friend were so lovely to us. And I asked his husband, as quietly as I could...if Dean had written the book for Footloose...I remember seeing his name on the front of my libretto...Michael smiled and whispered back that he wrote the score and the book...and all the songs...and that he had won an Oscar for writing the song, "Fame".
Holy mother effing...I could hear George chatting excitedly with Dean about all that he has done...before we go any farther I wanna say that Dean Pitchford is one of the nicest, most modest people I have ever met...and this dude has done some living and working people.
Doing the show was a blast...Seth is hysterical...he is very kind to have me on...the show will feature Penny Marshall, Dean and myself...what the what...I sang a tune...we talked and tried to be funny on the radio...which is a challenge when you can't mug (as Seth pointed out a number of times) and use your hands.
Cooch crapped his pants as Seth sat and watched him play his grand piano...but he rocked it.
The best part was sitting in the interview chairs and listening to Dean tell his wonderful stories.
I had to close my mouth a number of times.
I was just in awe.
Before the show started we were

Seth, Dean and myself in the fancy Sirius Studio!

Dean and ME!!!

And talking about how much we like Sirius radio for the Bway channel...he said that he once stayed in the car to listen to "Make Our Garden Grow" from Candide....and I told him how much I loved the ending of that song when the orchestra drops out and then voices go through these intricate harmonies without music underneath and he got excited and said that he had used that in the end of "I Sing The Body Electric", and he demonstrated it to me...and then I said,  giddily, "You wrote that too...?"
He smiled.
He told story after amazing Seth's delight and to all of ours...
He was in the original production of 'Godspell'.
He played Pippin in 'Pippin' and told stories about what it was like to work with Bob Fosse and Ben Vereen.
His original writing partners were people like Alan Menken, Stephen Schwartz and Rupert Holmes...
He wrote songs with Kenny Loggins, Peter Allen...he wrote "All the Man That I Need" for freakin' Whitney Houston.
He wrote 'Carrie' and when Seth asked him when he knew the original production in London was going wrong...and Dean said, "The first day of rehearsal"...he worked on 'Carrie' for 32 years.
(He was actually there on that day for the release of the first soundtrack of "Carrie".)
He wrote the screen play for 'Footloose'... not based on a previous piece of literature but an article he saw in the paper...and wrote all of the songs...with writers like Kenny Loggins.
He talked about writing 'Fame' and how he came with the idea for "I Sing The Body Electric" ...and I was sitting in my chair...trying not to cry.
What good fortune had brought me to this spot...I could not get over the moment...
What an amazing experience...after the show was done and we all said goodbye and Georgie took our picture...

We all walked away talking about how amazing the whole thing was.
Fame was just such a huge part of my life...of George's life.
Did you know the movie was originally called, "Hot Lunch"?
I DIDN'T!!!!
It was just a moment.
Thank you, universe.
Thank you, Seth.
OH! And thank you to Ward Morehouse III who gave me the loveliest review and then had me on Broadway After Dark TV...

Myself, Ward and a hysterical camera/tech dude named funny....

Life is strange and wonderful...and sometimes effed, no doubt...but mostly an adventure.
The shows I did here were many amazing people came out...I enjoyed myself thoroughly...and send out a thanks to all the people who supported me down here!!

Here are some of the peeps who came out!!

Cooch, Jen Effin WAISER (Pirate Queen)  in the house, as well as the FABU Starr Domingue (so talented)  and the beautiful Trish Lackey (director extraordinaire)!!
My OLD pal Chris Shyer (just played Nixon in J. Edgar!) and cabaret wonder Gabi Epstein!
My love George, THE Cooch, handsome Sion, breath taking Scott, Sassy Perry,  naughty Michael, guy who I loved but learned his name AFTER I had a glass of wine SORRY! and  AWESOME TJ, and  GORGEOUS Kelly...many pals of the SUPPORTIVE AND WONDERFUL John AUSTIN!
The extraordinary Scott Freethy

Me and David (who is a Marcus Nance fan!)

Me and Teresa...also a Marcus Nance FAN!!!

I left this in because this dude is priceless...his name is Shaun...I did him a bit naughty so I had to buy him a beer.....

There were so many amazing people there! So many!!
Tomorrow we make our way back...what a time we had....

South Africa!!!

GOLD 2012...3 countries...4 more to go!!!


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