Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Team #GOLD goes to 10 Downing Street...SERIOUSLY!!!

There are many perks to being in the entertainment industry.
Just to be clear, there are also many "i just got shit on in the middle of a typhoon" moments also...not that we are an overly dramatic, mercurial and generally over-the-top people or anything...let me just say THAT before we go any farther.
But, there are many exciting things that I have gotten to experience because of my work or my going to the White House lawn on the 4th of July and meeting Bill Clinton...well, George actually shook his hand. AND getting the Secret Service tour of the White House. Pretty cool.
But yesterday...was the fucking shit. And I mean shit in the good way.
We have a dear friend in Stratford, named Dirk,  who was so excited that we were coming to London and he wanted us to meet his half sister while here...she and her hubby to, a couple of days ago, we met them for drinks in Leicester Square. Hit it off. Thank friggen god! Because those situations can always be daunting...
Bob, who is the hubby-to-be, is a cop...a Bobbie...a copper.
He has an awesome accent, a wicked sense of humour and an amazing tolerance for wine....but I digress...
He is marrying Tracey, Dirk's wonderful and lovely half sister.
During the time we sat on the patio in the kookoo Leicester Square, Bob asks us if we might want to go and see 10 Downing Street...the house of the Prime Minister. 
Well, if you walk down Whitehall you can gaze down Downing Street...past the gates, the military with machine guns and what not...and ALMOST see the house.
I guess, until Margret Thatcher was in office you could actually drive down Downing Street...but then someone tried to off her...a number of times...and then they put up a lot...a lot of, it is a military zone, really.

People stand out front of the gates and look in...BUT NOT US, BITCHES!!!

YES! This hee haw group of Canucks...George, Cooch and Myself...Team #GOLD (without our fabu UK counterparts who are busy already onto a NEW project! Check out for info about "The Last Session!) got to follow our Bobbie pal, Bob and go past those gates, past the military, past the check points into the inner sanctum...what the eff!??!?!
Super big deal.
Thanks to BOB!
Look at us GO!



George is trying to keep it many GUNS and seriousness!!

All of the police and military were SO VERY KIND AND LOVELY!

WHAT!?!?! HERE WE ARE!?!?!?

Yes, I am in disbelief!!! We had to wait to go to the door because there was media for some kinda Cabinet reshuffle...people fired and hired...



LOOK AT US!! George was terrified that the touching the door would set an alarm off....yes...I am in sneakers like a mid western gal...but you GOTTA WALK ALL OVER LONDON!!!

Oh ya, I also met this DUDE!!

Thanks to BOB and Tracey, who took such wonderful care of us and showed us the sights one might not see on a regular kind and so generous.
LONDON has been so wonderful and welcoming...except for that Bitch at the National Gallery...who inspired a very popular blog post (NO$$$ SCORE 10!)
And this tour yesterday with Bob...which was ALL FOR FREE!! (NO$$$ SCORE 11!)

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