Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Yes, this kook koo lady has had some rest...I have laid in state...just like fricken get my shit all rested up for what? FOR WHAT!?!? NEW YORK CITY!! 
YES, I said it!! NEW YORK CITY in three days...the autumn...crisp air...leaves sprayed down within an INCH of it's life...ah, yes...Sharron in NEW YORK!!
It is my first trip to NY since my awesome, fab, excellent and wonderful sold out nights at Joe's Pub back in 2010.
Memories...light the corners...of m' mind...
I am bringing my hit show straight from Edinburgh and London to a whole new VENUE!!!
Flute Bar and Lounge 
40 East 20th Street 
Show starts at 9:00pm on Sunday, September 23rd  and then 8:00pm on Monday, September 24th and Tuesday September 25th. 
Tickets are $25 if you buy online or $30 at the door.

Buy your tickets for any of the three nights here! Links to all nights on the upper right hand side of this page.... 

You wanna take a gander?
Here is a petite (that is the limit of my highschool french...sad times) teaser VID Of GOLD!!! HAPPY TIMES!!!

RAVE Reviews for
 "Sharron Matthews Superstar: GOLD 2012"


"A  voice as big, beautiful, and varied as her native Canada."
"I thought she’d burst a blood vessel – or that I would, from laughing."

- The Scotsman 4 Stars **** named "HOT SHOW"

GOLD named one of the TOP CABARETS of the 2012 Fringe.

Broadway Baby
"By the time the show is over, it seems like it has just begun. Matthews’ ability to banter and get familiar with her audience makes them feel like they only just got to know her. One thing is certain, Sharron is pure Gold."
- Broadway Baby 5 Stars *****

Three Weeks Edinburgh
"Brilliant comic timing and phenomenal vocals, showcased in particular during a genuinely heartfelt rendition of Radiohead’s ‘Creep’, showed Sharron to be more than just a dazzling disco diva. Fabulously flamboyant and full of energy, this side-splitting show is pure ‘Gold’."
- Three Weeks Edinburgh 5 STARS *****

The New Current
"It would be hard to find the slightest of faults in this show delivered with class, originality, and passion, Sharron Matthews is a breath of fresh-air and produces a show that has the packed house roaring."
-The New Current 5 Stars *****
Also named one of the 50 Tops Shows of Edinburgh Fringe.
Sharron was named "Woman of the Year" by the 2012 NEW CURRENT!prettyPhoto[Gallery]/0/

The Curtain Up Show
"Sharron Matthews is a refreshing, bold, extremely talented and naturally comedic performer. It is encouraging to see a cabaret show being performed with raw, natural, witty, dynamic talent. Sharron Matthews truly is the Superstar!"
- The Curtain Up Show 6 STARS ******

Funny Women
"This is one of those shows that sum up the art of Performance, with a capital ‘P’.  Sharron is 100% Performer with a capital ‘P’ and a huge stage presence."
-Funny Women 4 Stars ****

"Her voice is superior too and the choice of music certainly shows her range. Performing classic songs and adding a unique twist, or occasionally throwing out the original tune and rebuilding a song from scratch – there are many stand-out moments. Personal favourites included beautiful new arrangements of ‘Sweet Child of Mine’ and ‘Love Stoned’. And I adored what she did with the hitherto innocent sound of ‘Hotel California’."
- Scotsgay 4 Stars ****

"Once again, Sharron Matthews delights in an all-too-quick hour of top-class comedy cabaret. She welcomes every audience member as they come in, instantly putting people at ease and you just know you’re going to enjoy the next hour. Her rapport with the audience is a joy and she has us eating out of the palm of her hands."
-One4Review 5 Stars*****

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