Friday, April 19, 2013

Gutted by the Kiwanis. In a good way.

When I was asked to adjudicate at the Stratford Kiwanis Festival, I found myself a bit at a loss.
NOT as to whether or not I would do it or not...FOR SURE I would do it...because I love working with the young people...I miss teaching at was some of the most inspiring and enriching work I have ever done...the loss was that I had no idea what the bleep happened at the Kiwanis Festival.
You see, people, when I was growing up I didn't even know there was such a place or festival. I didn't start singing till I was about 13 years old and then I was in the musicals at school. The Kiwanis Festival wasn't even on my radar.
For any foreign readers who have no bleeping idea what I am talking about this festival celebrates music, dance and all arts by hosting a performance competitions for the young people....all across Canada. It is amazing, really.
I was asked to adjudicate pop performance.
I LOVES the pop music, people!!  
AND I loves the young perfromers.
There were performers from 8 to 18.
And they ALL blew me away...with their talent, their hard work and their bravery. 
What an amazing two days.
There were so many wonderful performers...but there was a girl...she was 11.
She got up and sat at the piano...and turned to the audience and said, "My name is Ella Nafziger and I am going to sing 'Hallelujah' by Cohen"...and then she shredded the piano and she sang with the art, style and confidence of a 40 year old.  
BUT with the youthful soul of a child.
It was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen.
And when I got up to give her the most promising performer award at the end of the show...I could not stop my silly self from tearing up. 
Again, there were  many wonderful performers, and I was lucky to see them all...but
Thanks to Kiwanis Stratford for asking me.
I was thrilled and honoured.
This is me and Ella!
I like the first picture, though out of focus, because she is smiling.

Shredded the piano, people...shredded.
And, if you will allow me to highjack my own blog, it is with this wonderful inspiration that I will hit the stage at Maggie and Heather's Pubaret again next Friday. I am not sure how many more of these I will be able to do because I have a lot of different projects coming up...but I love these nights...they are all fun...and the stories...and I never really know what is gonna happen...which I think is just great for the soul. 
Just singing...and laughing...lordy, I know...but true.
I will have a wonderful guest...I wish Ella could do it...but she is 11, after all...but they will be wonderful, just the same! TBA.
And Cooch will be there...ah, good times!
So, please come and be a part of next Friday's show!


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