Friday, May 17, 2013

Rob Ford's Crack and WHAT THE FUCK IS THE SENATE?! Sharron Gets Political. WHAT?

Oh, my god...I got so mad about politics last night after watching the news...imagine, me watching the news...and then watching Mary Walsh on the Youtube talking about the Senate...that I had to say something...and you all know that I don't know much about the politics...BUT I think I know about bull crap...and people, WE ARE SURROUNDED!!!
1.The Continuing Story of the BOOB Mayor Rob Ford and his Half Wit Brother, Doug: A Tale of "CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS EFFER IS STILL MAYOR OF A WORLD CLASS CITY?
What an embarrassment. 
I just watched Mayor Rob Ford  at a news conference, BARELY able to read his speech about the Casino deal THANKFULLY dying... it was like a 14 year old sweating and stumbling through his debate opener, and then his idiot brother rebutted (is that a word?) said, "The Premier has been undecisive..." 
Has he? 
What IS that exactly? 
Between this idiocy, the fridge magnet, did you read about that?...and remember THESE things...he flipped of a woman while driving his car and talking on his cell phone...WHO HAS THAT MANY HANDS!?!? He was pictured READING while driving....
LORD!...he was in court for SO MANY THINGS... using his Mayorship to raise funds for his football team...then he drove his car past a TTC streetcar while the doors were open and then called the cops because the driver yelled at him...OH and when he called 911 when the TERRIFYING Mary Walsh stood on his lawn to ask him a few questions...he spent thousands of dollars to take away the bike lanes on Jarvis that the city had JUST put in two years LESS expense...HE has got SOMETHING against bikes, I tell you...SO MANY THINGS TOO MANY TO COUNT...these are just the things that bug ME!!! 
2. And in the file of "WHAT IS THE SENATE, EXACTLY? WAIT, YOU are KIDDING ME!"...
...THEN, I read about this Duffy deal thingie...
"The once-treasured party fundraiser and bon vivant become a serious political liability this week after word leaked that Harper’s chief of staff, Nigel Wright, wrote a personal cheque for $90,000 to Duffy to cover repayment of improperly claimed living expenses."-The Toronto Star.
Um, isn't that guy the idiot from that TV did he get to be in government?
The Senate...the Senate...what did Mary say about the Senate? 
AND, I always say I don't know jack about politics...but I just looked into 'the Canadian senate'...and it seems to be a weird place where, if you have been in the good graces of a PM...even if you have ZERO political can go and get paid up to $90,000.00 a year for doing nothing...and can NEVER get kicked matter what you might do...or what laws you might my limited seems to be basically like an awesomer, political 'Hotel California'.
Hey Senate!
How the eff do I get in? 
3.AND in conclusion! Let us not forget the losing of 3.1 Billion Dollars in the washing machine, or something... 
I would like to say WAY TO GO all of you Conservative voters. You have done some fine work.
OH! I forgot...AND then there is the crack thing...and when I first read it on twitter last night I thought they had caught Rob Ford walking around with plumber butt...which seemed pretty much right up his alley.

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