Wednesday, September 27, 2006

My BACK!!!!

Ever since dancing on the street car tracks on Dundas and Roncesvalles at 7:00am....oh ya after being up all night my back has not been the same, babies.
I went for a massage today and it was great but right after...I felt like I might I ask that normal?
George said it was as he drew me a ebsom ( that might be the wrong spelling but isn't just knowing that enough?) salt bath.
Georgie took me to Buffalo for my Birthday on Sunday.....yes, my birthday lasts a good long time.
I wanted to go to the Anchor bar which is the birth place of the Buffalo Chicken all makes sense. I love it there.
So, since we were gonna be there George got us tickets to the Bills - Jets home opener.
That is football for those of you who are like....what the eff is that?
Yes, I am a fan of the NFL....aren't I a
Renaissance woman. ( I went to spell check for that one) The game was good! The players are so burly. My my.
I think my Georgie would have been great out there. Maybe I can at least make him get a pair of those pants.
One thing I didn't know we still allowed in this world was for a grown man to lean over the stands into the field and call the ref....." ya fuckin' homo".
Oh my.
I was deeply offended.
That was the best he could come up with?
Anyhow...our friends Mark and Blythe came to join us for wings. We had a great time...I am glad to know that 38 year olds are allowed to laugh like teenagers.
They got me pair of pajamas for my birthday....and George a pair too.
After the wings and then a long cab ride around the city in search of beer and chocolate....because we are nothing if not classy.......we went back to the hotel and Blythe said....lets get into our jammies and drink beer and eat chocolate.
That sounded great but we had one jammies were too big and Georgies' were too small so we thought....because we are professional entertainers....that he should wear mine and I his....tee hee....won't we be funnny. When they knocked I could hardly contain my mirth.
When I opened the door there were Mark and Blythe with pajama's to match ours.........they thought they had us damn it.....but when they saw my husband in my pink pajamas with butt clevage....
I knew we had the kicker.
Oh.....good times were had by all.
So, I feel a bit better in the back area and I am putting together the next show...woo hoo.
I am very is going to be my first ALL New Show in a while. I am gonna pull out all the stops.
Look out baby!


Junior the Barista said...

That is awesome. The pajamas sound like solid fun. I can only imagine you in your pajamas. I mean.. Did that sound creepy? I'm not really a stalker...honestly...

New show sounds great. I really will in all likelihood book off work to make it this one. It's what we call a 'personal day'.


Sharron Matthews said...

Hey Junior,
I am sad that I missed your show but I will make the next one.
And.....stalkers come on up.....isn't that how you become a star?

Paul B. said...

OMG! Sharron, u have been TOTALLY ripped off by the Stricht! Check out this blurb from the playbill site:

Stritch's new act — featuring such tunes as "The Life of the Party," " — was compiled with her longtime musical director Rob Bowman. She is offering performances Tuesday-Saturday evenings at 8:45 PM; there is a $125 music charge and dinner required for all shows.
I ASK YOU! I bet there isn't even a "Footloose" singalong! And 125 bucks!!!!!!!! I hope she throws in some jam from her hotel room!

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