Saturday, September 02, 2006

Rain Rain......

Is it winter?
Did we disturb the balance of the summer somehow?
Could this finally be the retribution for my wicked potty mouth?
Could I be more self-centred, that MY pottymouth would change the weather?
What if it did?
Would I stop swearing..........?
Probably not.
I have so much to accomplish today but I just can't seem to get my ass in gear.
Staples, library, work......
Ho hum....
Yesterday I finished on "Altar Boy Gang".
Had a great is a very edgy script and I hope it turns out and the people like it. It was written by a lovely fellow named Norm Hiscock.
I know.
He spent three seasons writing on SNL and we chatted about my idol.....
Will Ferrell.
He mentioned that ...Will.....Mr. Ferrell.....I don't know what to call him.......was a easy going, not "ON", ordinary guy and that made me like him more. Will....Mr. Ferrell....that is ....not Norm....I already liked a am a mess.
I always wanted to ask Tina Fey what he ( W.F.) was like while we filmed Mean Girls but I didn't want to disturb my very effective "I-am-unimpressed-by-your-fame-but-I am-nice" aura that I like to wear around sets. It saves me many a time from making a fawning ass out of myself.
Well, my self tanner is almost dry so it is time to get out of the house.
I wear it for medicinal purposes.
Oh ya, who wrote the song " Oh What a Lonely Boy?"


Junior the Barista said...

Anchorman may well be one of my favourite movies ever. One of my boyfriends didn't laugh once when we watched it...I should have known right then and there that it could never have worked out.

And I think LONELY BOY is written by Andrew Gold? If it's the one I'm thinking of..

Paul B. said...

I think junior is right! and if we start doing degrees of separation, then he also sang or wrote "thank you for being a friend" from TV's golden girls.
So i think for Sharron's birthday party, she's bringing in Betty White, and she's going to play Password with the audience. But then maybe I am exploring the mysteries of gravol... And I think Junior blogs more than I do here, so he deserves some credit too!

Junior the Barista said...

Andrew Gold totally wrote the them to Golden Girls.

Gay, gay, gay.

Junior the Barista said...

theme...not them.