Friday, September 29, 2006


Poor Georgie is afraid that you will think he was the one who screamed the "HOMO" insult was not him......remember .....George is straight but not narrow. (I love that line.) It was some yahoo redneck in the stands......his ( the redneck's) face was painted for the game...sigh........grown men talking about homo's when they are wearing a ton of blue and red pancake. The irony is just staggering.

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stillrockandroll said...

I'm finally getting around to commenting about who should come back for your December show!

Thom Allison for sure! I'd Steven Gallagher, but I think he told he wouldn't be in Toronto (if not, definitely him!). Andrew Kushnir! Blythe Wilson! Everyone is fantastic so I'm sure you'll make amazing choices! :)

Oh, and my sister and I just got two sets of tickets to SFANW - I can't wait! :)