Sunday, October 29, 2006

Dance, Scream and Eat!!!

Wow....I have had to take time to process all that happened at the Hummingbird on Wednesday was just too much to write about in the next few days after the show....WOWOW!
So YOU think you can DANCE!!!!
Hummingbird Theatre.
Filled with screaming, sugar -hopped-up, hair-straightened, skinny-jean-wearing, studio-dancing 14 year old chickies. Filled!!!!
It was sold out!
We got to our seats and we were in the 5th row baby!
RIGHT in sweating distance from Dimytry....not that he was my favourite at all. And I have to all know how I want to be body accepting for everyone ...but his upper body is his bread and butter .....he pulled off his shirt and he had a couple tiny love handles hangin' over the side...and I thought....if this is your better do a couple sit ups, mister!
And Heidi!!! She was awesome...everyone picked a number that she was in as their favourite....she worked her ass of and got alot of stage time....
You guys it was like a rock show.
And my favourite part was the two 40 year old gay man who jumped to their feet after every number that Tracis was in!
It was the best birthday gift ever.....only to be topped by the good time that George had...I am so lucky!
Now I forgot to write about something in my last blog.
I went to Mitsy's Sister over in the west end.....I always feel that I have to get travelling papers when I go over there......and saw my friend Brendan in his band "The Chicken Pickers". They were awesome....they were excellent musicians and played some of my favourite tunes..... "Louisiana", I used to have a great recording of the Neville Brothers singing it and I dug it back out after hearing their rendition of it.... "O' Susanna" ...I never thought that I could enjoy that song so much...I was really toe tapping and singing along for the whole two sets. As was a real drunk guy that I wanted to heave the fuck out.....but they were so easy with it...they are a banjo, guitar, accordian, upright bass and another guitar and at some points a mandolin and they pass the instruments and the singing duties you get a chance.... get out to see them...they said the themes of their songs were love, drugs, jail and music...when can it get any better than that??? ...I think that their full name is " Cousin Jimmy's Chicken Pickers" and if I am wrong....Brendan or MF write in to this blog!
And what else?
It has been a busy week my friends....I start rehearsal tomorrow for "Songs for a New World" and am excited and nervous....I think that is the perfect place to be.
I am looking so forward to spending time with this awesome group of people....we have good chats and a seven year history with the show.....let's play and dish!
After doing your own show for a while....and I love my is nice to go out and have a little something social and work-ie....workie? That sounds gay....
I am also taping my first voice over tomorrow.
It is for Cialis.
Do you know what that is?
It is so fitting that after a ton of auditions this be my first one....for a pee pee medication.
All signs point towards life going interestingly from here.

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Karen said...

Glad you had such a good time! Guilty pleasures are the best - this blog reminded me a lot of the time when we went to the American Idol 2 concert at ACC...good times! :)