Tuesday, October 31, 2006

What can I hear?

On my ....folks .....the guests that I just booked for December 18th.......staggering!!!
I will announce in a few days.
Second day of "Songs" rehearsal and I am off for a powerwalk at 7:00am.
I mean, really.
But I mostly want you guys to check out my webpage for the new stuff!
There are mp3's of the show!
There are new pictures!
And a list of the night of 100 Stars (minus 90) !
So...check it out and I will go and freeze my ass off.


Paul B. said...

YAY! We got our "Songs" tickets today. Nice to have something to look forward to in a gloomy November. The MP3's sound so good: I think I am going to listen to "Footloose" every time i have a bad meeting at work from now on. OK: but am i the only one who is a little creeped out that Sharron is going to be the voice counselling men who have (ahem!) issues down there?!?! It could draw an interesting crowd....

Karen said...

Love the songs on the website! The Footloose singalong was so much fun. Cannot wait for the Night of 100 Stars (minus 90) and the 18th! :)