Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Old and tired

Alright....I am 38 years old and after my third day of rehearsal I am going to bed at 9:50pm.
That is just effed!!!!
Did you check out my webstie changes?
Cool, eh?
I also just got a awesome dress from Fashion Crimes for "Songs".....gotta love the F.C. girls!!!!!!!
What about that review of Pippin? wonder people aren't seeing things in Toronto...hmm.
Anyhow...did you know that my Georgie is playing Horton in the "Seussical" that opens next week at LKTYP?????
Yup....he is having a great time and I don't know if I can go and see him play so cute and not want to cry for the whole show....and tickets are totally affordable so go out and see it!
So...what is the deal with the recap episodes of "Survivor" and, my fave, "America's next Top Model"?
It sucks.
Off to sleep.


Karen said...

I thought the Pippin review was harsh, too. :( Have you seen it? We went last week, on Wednesday - the crowd was so dead, sadly, but I enjoyed the show. The cast was great and it was just fun. We're going back at the end of the month. We know the actor playing Lewis from a previous show and he's the sweetest guy in the world...he's an understudy for Pippin; I'd love to see him go on! We're also definitely trying to get to Seussical. :)

Paul B. said...

The review of Pippin was harsh...but then, I saw Mickey Dolenz in the tour of Aida a couple of years back, and the description fit. But it is the ooze, so I dunno: and better that he get his pent up Fosse jazz hands crap outta his system now then when Seussical or Songs opens... I am totally excited at the idea of George as Horton in "The Seussical," and I totally loved it in NYC. Yup, I was the one who thought it was great. Until they put Aaron Carter in, but that's another story. But Sharron, why aren't you Mazie?!?! Do you sing her parts at home?!
But I also have to brag, cause in 24 hours Chris and I are gonna be in NYC! And (so far) we are seeing "Grey Gardens" and "Company." And we think it is a simply Sondheim night at the Duplex on Friday so we can hang out with all the MusThe students who want to be Kyle Blair when they grow up. Plus we have a plan ahatching for Sharron's Blog when we get back...fingers crossed

Micke said...

going to see Seussical a week from today!! Very excited. Bringing the niece, the nephew and the man. lol.