Monday, November 27, 2006

Real Thanks....

Last night I was all overwhelmed by America's Next Top Model so I really didn't get a chance to thank all of the great supporters who have sent me emails over the last few days.
Your words have been a cool balm to my musical theatre soul.....I was gonna say ass but I am trying to keep this classy.
I guess we didn't know how much of a challenge this was all gonna be when we started down the SFNW road but I relish it.....I really do....that must mean that I am a glutton .....or super motivated!
I just wanted to include some if the upliftin' things that have arrived in my email inbox......

*I work at the Mill St. Brewpub, and since your show opened, it has been a barrage of great reviews from patrons coming from the theatre, some of which have seen your show more than once. That's all, just wanted to let you know!

*...if we don't support our own theatre, nobody will.

*.....the show really moved me. Your joy at having a great response from the audience was palpable, and there was tremendous give and take. Congratulations on a wonderful labor of love.

*I can't wait to see the show again, and I know my friends can't wait to see it either.

* I just sent out 40 individual/personal emails to friends and theatre goers we know that MUST see your show. We enjoyed it yet again last night and will return again.

*.... I am aware that none of us can do our work in a bubble, so on a personal note, I am grateful that you guys have chosen to do this if nothing else than to continue to raise awareness of other small musicals

* have chosen a piece with a tremendous heart and a voice that should be heard by all audiences.

*Hey Kids, Just wanted to let you all know how much I enjoyed your show last night. I can't believe you had to do another one at 10pm! You're not as young as you used to be!

The last one is my fave.......And I am young...that is.
It was so nice to have a feeling of community when theatre seems to be suffering a really did warm my cold, cold heart.
Again, I really want to say .....people really don't have to like the shows we do.....maybe just not try to ruin it , or make feel stupid, those who do.
That is just my opinion!
And we all have one....just like asses.
Some are just cuter than others!


stillrockandroll said...

Sharron, I just have to comment here to tell you how much you guys doing this show means to me (and Karen). You, Tracy, Thom and Jason are so insanely talented and some of the nicest, warmest, loveliest people I've ever met. I often get sad because this city lacks the kind of experience that I've been having at Songs for a New world in the last week (and also at your cabaret nights). I am SO grateful that you are doing this - and I hope more and more people come - because it is spectacular and uplifting and just an amazing hour and 45 minutes of theatre. Seeing you guys perform is thrilling, as well as getting the chance to talk to you all.

I'm just about to graduate out of an arts program and I really haven't known WHAT I was going to do, but especially in the last week or so, I've realized that I NEED to be involved with the theatre in this somehow so that there can be MORE of what you're doing here.

As a HUGE theatre fan, this production means so much to me.

Thank you.. for everything! :D I think we're coming back on Saturday, so we'll see you then!

Gillian :D

Karen said...

Yeah, what Gillian said. :)

Junior the Barista said...

The show was so great!! We had a really great time and I'm more than likely coming back again soon. What a fantastic evening. It was just the inspiration I needed to get my ass in gear and really work more on all my stuff...thanks!!! Can't wait for the party next week!