Saturday, November 04, 2006

Studio 60?

So, I am reading the Star today, Saturday, and I read a bi-line that has "Studio 60" in the title and I think, oh, me readie......then I feel a bit flabbergasted.....READ IT!
I have loved "Studio 60"'s dialogue was a bit high handed and trite but....anything about 'inside the entertainment biz' always turns my crank....the one thing I could never reconcile was that a little blond, left wing, christian girl who puts out a album of spiritual songs is
on a late night sketch comedy show.....and now I know why.....
Aaron Sorkin and Kristen Chenoweth ( who....dripa-droppie....I had the pleasure of working with in the Music Man movie...Chenoweth, not Sorkin.....could you imagine?)...did the nasty........eewwwwwww! And the character is based on her!
He is just so.........not......what she is.
So, I am in the Zehyrs in Collingwood during a tour of Charlie Brown earlier this year, my life is nothing if not glamourous, and Patrick and I are late night shopping and walking past the magazine section and I drop my hummus and pita when I see Kristen Chenoweth on the cover of Maxim.
It is just that I sat with her everyday in the make-up trailer telling little sweet stories about how she wanted to buy a special cross at Macy's and it was $1000.00 dollars but she just needed it.....which I do not judge but she was so .......spiritual? No, just proper and all.
Then there she is in a banana yellow bikini smiling like the day she won her tony, tits to the wind just waitin' for young boys to open the pages and smudge the print with their grubby fingers.
Was that too clear for any of you?
So, in the article she talks about how she feels about being quoted on the show, or physically quoted......she sounds like she is hiding a world of mad.
How the fuck do you think she ended up with Aaron Sorkin?
Don't you think that he would see her as everything that was wrong with America?
Who knows....this Entertainment Biz is kooky........just when you think a premise is over the top ir far fetched ...........the Saturday Star tells you other wise!


Micke said...

mmm hummus and pita...
ps. did the article say anything about the show getting cancelled?

Sharron Matthews said...

No...I heard that it was though....I think I read it but I can't be sure.....I wouldn't have minded to see it run for a couple more weeks and maybe it would have evened out....who knows....I like that Matthew Perry.....but what about that Amanda Peet? Yah, she would be the head of a TV Network...then at sex clubs.....duh.

Kritty said...

I READ THIS!!! yesterday over a coffee. how bizzare.

i can't wait to see songs. CANNOT WAIT.

hope you are well.