Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Busy, busy.....

Holy ho ho!
It has become busy as hell and I have neglected the three people who read could I? is getting close to the first preview of our show and I am working and shopping for clothes.......for the show, not for myself....and it has just been a whirlwind.
I am really excited.
We preview on Friday and the three of you should try and make it to the previews...why? because you never know......ya know?
The space looks very cool and there are more lights than I have ever is a rock show.
Woo hoo.
The whole design is by the team who does Rick Miller's shows, Beth and Ben, and they are something else.
Other than that.....I have nothing to tell you... this is all I am doing.
I haven't seen a movie....I haven't made a phone call.....I haven't done a damned thing.
I mean it!
So, I hope all is well and .....well... there you have it!


Junior the Barista said...

It is on my list of MUST SEEs! I'm very excited. And I'm seeing your George tomorrow at the opening of Seussical. Very exciting. I feel so 'man about town'. Can't wait to see ya sing your heart out! :)

Paul B. said...

ok: and me and the peeps have tickets for the 22nd, so we'll see u a week from tonight. So that is 2 out of 3 confirmed!

Karen said...

We have tickets for the 22nd already, but I think we're going to try to make it to a preview show this Saturday, too! Cannot WAIT! :)