Sunday, November 05, 2006

First Week!!!

Oh what fun we had....I can't believe that we are already done our first week of rehearsal for "Songs". And it was great....I never really feel quite this happy during rehearsal...usually about this time I am filled with self doubt (which I am sure will arrive at some point...not to worry) and asking myself why I took this fucking show and then doing the grand job a beginning to save me ass.
We all know "Save Your ASS Theatre"...... where it is every actor for themselves and your better get out of the way, baby!
But we have a great director, Chris Abraham, who was just named AD of Crow Theatre......exciting.....he is just great.
And I am with my Thom and my Trace and my J.....and, of course, Noreen our MD is kicking our vocal asses.....all of sudden we are getting quite specific where we couldn't was just so fast last time and we would all stand off stage hoping that we could remember the words to our 18 page song....yup.....18 - 23 pages some of them...woo.
On Wednesday we all sat counting the pages of each of our see who won...what would we win I ask you?......superiority...Isn't it worth it???
Thom won with Steam Train....23 pages.
Jason came second with She Cries......18 pages.
I think that Surabaya is my longest at 17.
Long ass songs.
But my favourite day was Friday. We came in to do music all day and Jason told us that he and his daughter Issy were sitting around in the evening the night before and she asked him to tell her his day, she is two years old and cute as hell, and he said, " I sang with my friends all day."
And then realized that would sound awesome to a two year old.
Then he got a bit choked up.
We are such gaylords for this show.
And, yeah, getting to sit around and sing with your friends all day long.....pretty awesome.

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