Friday, December 01, 2006


I am all excited and I just can't hide it.....
Who is gonna be there to rub noses with the .....
Monday, peeps, is-a-comin' and what a night we have in store for you....
it is a visit to the some of the best of
Sharron's Party........
NIGHT OF 100 Stars ( minus 90)
The Gladstone Ballroom
Monday December 4th
1214 Queen Street West #416 531 4635
Doors @7:30pm
Show @ 8:00pm
And all for only $15!!!

It is a special night for a couple of is one year to the day that I started the whole Sharron's Party venture with Patrick, and then Grant, and we have happlily and madly worked our tails off. I feel that this is a culmination of all of our efforts and a thank you to the people who have been supportive of the show in many different ways and for them and myself to remember the diversely talented people who are at our fingertips and who are out there making their own work and readly to step up and share!
Because of the night and all of the entertainers Patrick and I searched for a charity to donate a portion of the door to....and we decided on
Liams Light.
It is a charity started by my friend Deborah Moore ( you may recall her as Deb Wadsworth) and it is dedicated to Supporting Research and Care for Pediatric Transplants. Her son is Liam please go to
for more info.
It is an excellent charity.
Who will you see????
Here is to remind you and whet your appetite.

Sho Mo and the Monkey Bunch
Kathryn Rose
Avery Saltzman
Susan Gilmour
Shelley Simester
Thom Allison
Jennifer Stewart
and introducing to the Party J.Sean Elliot
There will be games and surprises and a whole host of things to entertain you!
Have a christmas party that night?
Come here first and we will get you out in time for drinkies and finger food.....or at least we'll do our best ! Try and tear yourself away from....
The Night of 100 Stars!!!!!!
(minus 90)


Junior the Barista said...

I am so effing excited I took the day off work. That's all I can say.

Karen said...

Can't wait!!

Junior the Barista said...

What, are you trying to one-up me Karen? Well in that case - this is going to be the highlight of my entire YEAR! Take that O-ville!

Karen said...

Haha, that's harsh! :-p Seriously, though, I'm so glad you're going to be there, too. :) Verrrry exciting!

Sharron Matthews said...

Children, can all come to Sharron's Party.....I am having the sneaking suspicion that it will be packed so come was great to see both of you again last night at the show....karen and junior......I can' believe we made it through again!