Sunday, December 17, 2006


I can't believe that it is all done!
We have been working on that production of "Songs" for almost 8 years and now it is all over but the cryin'.
And I didn't do that cryin' like I thought I would..... I am generally weepy....and that was mainly because I saw a interview with Heather Headley who played one of the leads in Aida and she told a story about how her mother came to see her very last show (of Aida) on broadway and Headley was at the end of her last song and she got all choked up and in a 2000 seat theatre her mother yelled out
" You finish strong, girl!"
I laughed my ass off and so whenever I feel myself getting all choked up that way I think of that.
I was nervous last night....more than usual.
We have so many dedicated supporters who came to the show last night and you wanna make sure that they get the real deal....and Julia Murney was there....ya know Andrew Lippa's "Wild Party"....the awesome one....she played Queenie....and she was in A Class Act and Lennon and she will be taking over Elphaba on Broadway in January.....she is a bit of my idol....she can sing like a motherfucker and is a great actress....she did a show with Georgie at the Manhattan Theatre Club a few years ago.....when our friend Steve Ross found out that George was going to work with he he almost shit his pants....he also loves her.
Anyhow, she and Tracy worked together so she came to see the show....again, I was nervous.......but I made it.
I am gonna gush about this show one last time and then all 4 of us ( my bloggers) can move on, right?
I feel so lucky to have worked on it.
We had an awesome, challenging, thrilling and sometimes, bittersweet experience.
From the exciting rehearsal period to handing out handbills all over Toronto to get bums in the was awesome.
And we did get bums in the seats, by the way.....the last week was a constant surprise.
I loved working with Tracy, Jason and Thom...I will miss seeing them everyday...we all used to get there just a bit early so we could hang around each other....oddly yesterday we all discussed how during this run we gained 20 pounds......5
But I laughed my head off and sang my ass off....and I still gained 5 the fuck did that happen?
Anyway, thanks to anyone who came to see it and stayed after.
I have a show tomorrow....I cannot believe it....I am excited about it......
I LOVE Christmas.......


TitiTrey said...

Hey Darling,

Well I am so glad that you enjoyed the card and i meant every single word. To be honest I myself had to fight back the tears a few times during the show. You could see it in all your eyes but somehow you manage to pull threw. It just goes to show that you are all masters of your craft.

Thank you again for bringing new life to me and showing me that no matter what struggles life gives you that music is the key that will always unlock the door to happiness. Take a break, breathe, and rest up missy cause we are going to rock the Gladstone tomorrow night. I will see you with bells on...kevin

karen said...

THANK YOU for sharing the experience of this show with us. You, Thom, Jason, and Tracy are just four of the most amazing people I've ever known, really. Last night was the best possible way I could imagine to end the show - I will cherish my memories of it and the last month always.

Cannot wait for the party's going to be FABULOUS!

P.S. It was so nice to meet George yesterday...he is so funny! You guys are fantastic.

Gillian said...

Thank you so much for everything, Sharron. Last night was such a surprise and so incredibly amazing. I cannot think of a better way to end this experience. You are all amazingly sweet people! (and that goes for George as well ;) - you are both just delightful!) Thank you so much for making us feel so included - it means SO much to me, you have no idea. :)

Thank you! And see you tomorrow - we're so excited! :D

Junior the Barista said...

I couldn't come to the last show. I was in bed dying... :( I will suck it up to get to the holiday party tomorrow but there was no way I could make it. I enjoyed the other three times immensely though! It was very inspiring watching you four do the show. Each performance was really fresh and new - I learned a lot! :D See ya tomorrow.

Shari said...

Hi Sharron! I read your blog once in awhile and finally figured out how to leave comments. I have two things to tell you. First of all, Songs was amazing. I brought twelve people and we all loved it; a lot of us have done the show before and so we can be pretty critical. Secondly I had some girls sleep over last night and we were watching X-Men 2 but we kept flipping to TBS because they were playing Mean Girls and we were just waiting for "THE GIRLS HAVE GONE WILD!".

Happy Holidays!