Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Oh...what a night!

I just cannot contain myself...I am still pooped out!!!
I went to do he show last night and it felt like I had gone to another planet for a few days ......
Oh...I am so thankful to Shoshana and Maury and their monkey bunch....they wrote a song about Christmas that was funny ....fuck those two are humourous together and now that they are 6 1/2 months pregnant they are gonna make ...or have already made some funny, musical little person.
( You can get their album @
Avery sang a song written by David Warrack and while I was compiling his bio I just about died when I really saw all the he had done.....he has been everywhere man.
He was awesome.
Shelley Simester had her appendix taken out a mere week ago but didn't let it stop her......she came and performed two numbers by the Shangri-las that brought the house down....that girl is damned funny!!!!!!! And she sings like a bird!!!!
Susan Gilmour, one of my idols, sang a dirty blues song about middle-aged could have knocked me over with a feather....I have never heard her sing like that!
She also sang a truly lovely Christmas song...ahh.
Then I sang a little medley .....all songs written in 1981!!!!
Whip it by Devo, Physical by Olivia Newton John, Bette Davis get the picture, yes?
Then we started the second set with
the lovely Jenn Stewart talking about how she got engaged......she could not have been more excited.....that girl is an excellnt storyteller and singer....she did two excellent tunes....on of them from sing it tiny white girl!!!!!
Kathryn Rose is always lovely and I find her voice truly haunting.......she is a wonderful songwriter and easy on the eyes.!
She sang two originals ...Jingle Queen and One Person....the second is from her album Kathryn Rose....which can be found at the website
J. Sean Elliot, a newbie @ Sharron's party, came up onstage and just wowed the audience with one of his songs from his album "No Name Canadian Stars" that he wrote and produced with David was about bein' born........
funny....hehehe. You can ge that at his website......which I cannot find right now.....but I will update!!!
Then my Thom just can't go wrong....I adore him and he is just a talent.......he sang "Gorgeous" from The Apple Tree and a medley of Christmas songs....and then came out at the ghetto elf in my encore of "Surabay Santa".....he can do it all.
What a night....Patrick was awesome as usual!
And the audience was packed with a who is who ....I will say that whatever way I want....of music theatre peeps..
Leslie Arden and Cathy Elliot, Louise Pitre and Joe Matheson, Damien Atkins, Tim French and Lee McDougal( one of the .....just to name a few!!!
We raised alot of money for Liam's Light....we will be giving them a check for $750.00...woo hoo.
Oh...I need a nap just reliving it all!


Junior the Barista said...

It was a great party - our little table of bloggers had a great time. And I won a t-shirt. And got to be card bitch. Can we say culmination of all my hopes and dreams?

Karen said...

Woo, bloggers unite! :)

We had such a good time...and how exciting is it that there is another one in less than two weeks? Can't wait!

Gillian said...

Well, I too was at that table and I had sooo much fun! Your party is always the highlight of my month.. and this month there are two! And Songs for a New World! It's TOO good! :D

Sharron Matthews said...

You know how to warm a chicks heart!!!!
I cannot wait for the next one....I love the Christmas.....and the songs.....and the drinkies....and my bloggers!