Thursday, December 14, 2006

What am I doing up?

What the eff am I doing up at 7:55 am? Well, I have a cold and my friggin' medicine seems to be giving me the jimmy legs.....and the jimmy mind....all I can do is run over my opening for Sharron's Holiday Party ( info is down one blog, incidentally ) .....Now, I went to see a cabaret hosted by my young friend Klye on Monday...I was so struck by the work and time that went into it. This was no rag tag, hoge poge....slap-dash.....alright Sharron move by night thing....Kyle did alot of writing here...and figuring.....he was just lovely....he is a grand singer and easy on the eyes for a youngin' but my favourite part....he is a fantastic storyteller. I remember when I was doing Showboat and I did a cabaret and George Grizzard came out to see it and after he took me aside and told me that I should never forget that I am a storyteller first...I was like....whatever....but that is something that has stuck with me and it is in instances like this that I recall the importance. People love a good story more than anything. And young Kyle told a few.
There were awesome pal Kristina from Hairspray The MOVIE!!!! was excellent...she sang a song from the Last Five Years and just knocked it out of the park, and Jordan Bell sang a tune I had never heard before and the side of me that is covetous wanted to steal it right away....but I am older and getting past those things....oh ya...and he sang it very, very well. All of the guests were just wonderful and I had a grand night. George and I both found it very entertainin and uplifting! Who could ask for anything more?
Well, there are only three more shows of "Songs" and we have fulfilled our little dream of a grassroots revolution.
This last week has been more and more packed every night. Everytime we walk out it is a grand surprise!
We love doing it! Here is my dream.....
tonight...Thursday.. which hasn't had a huge presale....will have a huge audience and the last night, Saturday...will just be packed.....I put it into the universe.


Gillian said...

I'm so sad that we couldn't go see Kyle's cabaret! Damn school, in the way once again! ;) I can't wait until he does another one. Kyle is such a talented boy!

I'm SO happy to hear that the audiences are getting bigger! We'll be there tomorrow night and ... for the final show.. *sigh* Such sadness... this has truly been a wonderful time! See you tomorrow! :D

karen said...

(Hmm...wouldn't let me log in with my old info...weird!)

Anyway! So sad we had to miss Kyle's cabaret! Damn school. :) But we'll be at the next one whenever it happens, no doubt about it...Kyle is fabulous!

It warms my heart to hear that you've been having great crowds for the last week of Songs...I hope tonight's crowd was great, too. You guys are so fantastic, truly. Gillian and I can't wait to see you all again on Friday...and on Saturday, of course. I'm tearing up already, though! :) See you tomorrow!