Tuesday, December 19, 2006


I am oddly not tired. How weird is that?
Alright, it is 10:30am and I am just getting up...Georgie had to be at work at 9:00am to bring back the clover....how much do I love him??? We are finally going to get to decorate our Christmas tree tonight......
I had such a wonderful time last night...the mix of the people in the house and then Louise, Joe and George and always my Patrick...... it was just perfect....I wonder if random people ever come and read this and think.....who is this gaylord? Anyhow...it was awesome.
Who knew the dirty Rudolf medley was such a killer? Patrick and I felt like the King and Queen of the World (I am the King) after that one......bringing the funny always rocks my world.
Who knows what will happen next year.....we will do the shows and who knows what the show will turn into. We are keeping open minds. And Open hearts.
Oh....I wanted to thank all of the people who have come out this year....last night a couple of people marvelled at the fact that the audience was largely not theatre people and I yelled woo hoo....we are building something....not that I don't love my theatre peeps but our goal is always to get new people out at what we do. So....I am a- thankin' all of your guys who came ......who read my blog......and are generally awesome!
I thought that I would just be happy to be done all of the work but I feel oddly a bit sad. I just finished two huge projects with the "Songs" and two parties in one month.........I have now found out that with me busy is better....who knew...I can be quite a layabout.
Here are some of my Christmas Wishes......
I do hope it snows.( On Christmas and then never again)
I do hope that I get to see some of the Christmas specials that I already missed one airing of.
I hope that my audition today for the TV show " Till Death Do Us Part" is not ass-ie.
I hope that the 5 pounds that I gained in "Songs" comes off without me getting too angry and starved.
I hope that Canada's Next Top Model is better this year.
I hope that I am not disappointed when Thom and I go and see Dreamgirls.....(I am worried about that Beyonce and Jamie Foxx....they aren't all that awesome on the Soundtrack.)
I hope that someone comes to me and throws one million-billion dollars at my show.
I hope that my dog can have the cone off his head soon.
I hope that I get 4 voice overs in January
I hope that I get to play Baby in "Dirty Dancing"
I hope that someone figures out that one more song for the "Coug" medley...to go with "Alone" by Heart, "I Want It that Way" by Backstreet and "Stacy's Mom" by Fountains of Wayne. ( Cause I love a good Coug Medley)
I hope that when I come back later I will see some of your Christmas Wishes.....please....no one say World Peace....let us just say that we all wish that.
I hope that you all have a happy and safe and lovely holidays.


Junior the Barista said...

My Christmas wish already came true last night. (cue: "Full House" awwwww track) But seriously, I'm effing excited for February. Hmm...other Christmas wishes: to get another contract for next year; to get out of my crack den before dying of diptheria or bug bites; to learn how to do effing fouettes; to have a really great January show; and to never ever work in retail ever ever ever again. Merrrrry Christmas!

Gillian said...

Last night's show was AMAZING. You and Patrick, Louise, Joe and George were truly spectacular! :)

I feel a bit sad too - there was SO much happy (and sad.. but happy sad.. :/ hmmm) this weekend and now it's all over.

I hope all your Christmas wishes come true.. especially having it never snow again after Christmas! :D Merry Christmas Sharron!

karen said...

Last night's show was one of the best yet...I haven't laughed that hard in a long time! Thanks for another absolutely fantastic night. Totally get the sadness, though...I feel the same. It's been such a fun, busy, great month and now everyone gets to breathe and relax, but it's so bittersweet because it's all over!

I hope all of your Christmas wishes come true! One of my own wishes is to come up with that last song for the Coug medley; I own about a gazillion cds - I should be able to come up with one! :) I also hope that my next semester at school is much better than the last one, that it doesn't snow too much this winter, and that they announce a release date for the second season of "Beverly Hills, 90210" on dvd soon! :)

My last Christmas wish is that you and George have a Christmas that is as lovely as you both are...happy holidays!

TitiTrey said...


Your are truly the best ticket in town. Gladstone will never be the same and honestly neither will Christmas lol. I don't think I will ever be able to hear another xmas carol without either thinking of you or something dirty. Who knows the more I think about maybe this whole thing is a gay conspiracy lol glad we thought of it lol...

As for the wishes, well first and foremost I hope that all your dreams and wishes come true. I am working on the "coug" medley so when we go for coffee well have that # picked out. My wish is that everyone has a safe and happy holidy and that they never stop dreaming and reaching for that next goal, dream, aspiration. Never let anyone hold your dreams in their hands that way they are always within your reach.

Merry Christmas and Have a Happy New Year. May you be blessed with happiness, good fortune and health all the days of your life.

Paul B. said...

My Christmas wish is that Sharron's Party will align with the Tuesday's i have to be in Toronto so I get to attend again!! And that when I watch White Christmas I won't obsess too much about skinny waistlines!

Micke said...

Did you see yourself on the Hairspray website? I saw you. I watched the video twice to make sure it was you. anyways. I was bored.
see you in February!

Sharron Matthews said...

Holy crap....how did you see me?????? it looks totally cool. If you wanna see it peeps it is at harispraymovie.com