Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy Dooby-Doo Year

Why do I think I am all having to come up with the snappy titles for me I am a pirate, I may have to wade throught this post due to the fact that I just...and I mean just....woke up....I walked from my comfy bed to the computer and decided that this was a great time to update.
I was dreaming that I was doing Sharron's Party in a gymnasium of a highschool in the afternoon and my guests were George Micheal...and I didn't want to make him sing "Careless Whisper" but...I made him...he was fine with it....and then Kristen Chenoweth walked in and was wearing a costume that she made at home that was of Christina Aquilera character from "Lady Marmalade" ...then I woke up...
I started to wonder what the frick I had eaten last night to make that happen.
Anyhow...I hadn't written for the past few weeks because after closing "Songs" and the two Sharron's Parties (am bad at Engish and don't know if Party deserves an "'s" or an "ies" and George is playing xbox and I don't want to bug him)I did this month I was a wee bit burned I spent the last two weeks sleeping and reading trashy novels, I read 5 of them, and just not doing much...except for Christmas day which is always the mass exodus to Hamilton, Welland and then St. Catharines.....all in one is a long day....we are very pooped and full of food at the end of it.
But we saw three.....count'em, three movies.....Casino Royale.......I like that Daniel Craig.....I thought he was all old school and dangerous.....ladies love that......We Are Marshall with the two Matthews....Fox and McConaughy.....I think I actually spelled that right.......there is nothing George and I like better than a football movie...we really do.....McConaughy was riding the fine, fine edge of being OTT ( for future that means Over The Top) some will think he was ...but I liked it.....and then after wandering through the desert on Christmas day for many hours......we met with Thom, our friend Bill and at 12:10 pm on boxin day we saw.............................
Oh my god....I didn't wear make up for the crying.......I brought a box of kleenex .....I was so wasn't awesome.....but I still loved can you not?????
A musical on the big screen......
That Beyonce...not my favourite....bland.....but perfect for Deena.......Jennifer Hudson.....young and new.....but she sang the crap out of it.....I wish that she had just stood still......and Jamie Foxx...fine.....but I love my Eddie....he has always been a favourite of mine......
I will see it again and then own it.....I found it inspiring.
Now here we are at the beginning of a New Year....I am going to see George's closing show of "Suessical" today and LKTYP and I am looking forward to that. I like to see the first and the last show.
I am excited about next year....I have started having ideas for the shows and things to do next year. That is always wonderful when I don't have to wrack my brains but it just comes to me.
I don't know what the year holds but, as I said,
I am excited.
I hope you all, all three of you, have a great and safe New Year, and that you all wake up where you want to tomorrow morning.....not covered in sick or anything else.......unless that is your thing.....than bless ya.....see ya soon!


Junior the Barista said...

Happy New Year to you too Sharron! (And George!) 2007 is gonna kick it. :)

TitiTrey said...

Happy New Year Sharron!

I hope that your holidays were wonderful and that you enjoyed your little rest. Its time to get back into full swing your fans are waiting. I pray that this year is the one in which your star shines its brightest. Hugs Kevin

Gillian said...

Happy New Year, Sharron! Your last few weeks sound wonderful and relaxing - yay! We saw Seussical again yesterday (and got to sit beside two groups of adults! score!) and it was wonderful again. George was lovely! :) I hope you had a great new year and I'm really looking forward to this year's parties. Good luck with everything this year, Sharron! :)

karen said...

So excited to see a new blog - we missed you. :) But it's great that you got some much-deserved relaxation time in!

Glad you still liked Dreamgirls ("wasn't awesome but I still loved it" was sort of how I felt about Rent - if it's a musical you love, you kinda can't help but like it no matter what!); we were going to see it on Saturday, but we were too tired...will probably check it out on the weekend.

Hope you had a great time at the closing of Seussical - we managed to get back to see it one more time on Saturday morning; so great, and wonderful to see George!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I can't wait to see you again at the next party! :)

billylake said...

I was just watching the "Guilty Pleasures" marathon on MUCH and thought of an awesome 'cougar' song:

"Total Eclipse of the Heart"

Nothing screams COUG like Bonnie Tyler surrounded by wet, half-naked teenage boys!
Also, anything by Cher would be highly appropriate . . .