Thursday, October 19, 2006

Ohhhh tired and hair all fuzzy.....

Ohhhh I really am.
That fateful night ...just three nights ago......I just finished the show ....took off my wings and crown and hauled my ass home.
This one contained the most new material I have done so I was nervous and excited.
The crowd was mighty and thoughtful and I was so happy to have them all.....and especially have them all agree that "Skinny Jeans" are totally effed. I mean really.
I was soooo happy with my clothes and the guests were stellar!
Damien never fails to bring joy and excitement along with him and I thought that his story about Jude Law killed and "Diary of a Homecoming Queen" from his Dora Award winning show "Real Live Girl" ....which I had subsequently stole from him......was just heart wrenching....REALLY.
And Robert Cushman was very Cole Porter charming and funny and I love that he doesn't talk himself all serious-like. He laughed at the Stratford joke I made about his fall up there...that he was not pushed.....and he wasn't, peeps. He sang all 7 verses of "De-Lovely" and told the story with flair.
( I wonder if he will read that and use it as a bullet point for his new act?)
I did a salute to our sexually-not-pinned-down friend from the south " Clay Aiken".....loved that and I did a "Crazy Medley".....did you know how manys songs have that word in the title?
And SURPIRSE....Ms. Mary Pitt.....singing her ever popular rendition of "Trouble in Tahiti" and those of you would couldn't make it missed out on a true treat, my friends. She is one of the funniest ladies around.
There was so much more and so many awesome people showed up .......but i am so tired and I just got back from two days in Stratford with our friends Blythe and Mark that I have to cut it short.
But look for new updates on my website about the next two shows and I am also going to be posting some of the audio that was recorded from past shows just in case you wanna relive it or listen to it for the first time.
Talk sooooooon!

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