Friday, May 16, 2008

Sharron's Webshow #3 Part One

So, I tried to do this in order so that it starts with Part One and then you scroll down and look at Part Two!!
Let us hope it works..... I did go to school for musical theatre after all so it could go quite wrong!
Thanks to you all for watching!!!!
This one is called .....
Parviti, Zits and that Bitchy Ballet Teacher.....


Meesh said...

Hated Parvati (and really, what the $*^@ kind of name is that anyway...)

Poor Eric, with his faboo Leif Garrett hair. Stupid child.

I was at the same concert at CNE Stadium. oh Donny... *sigh*

Micke said...

I screamed when you said your first concert was Donnie and Marie! of coarse it was!! totally explains so many things!!! haha
I love you!

patricia said...

um.... fantastico.