Saturday, May 24, 2008

Sharron's Webshow Episode 4 Part 1

Hey you three guys!!
Here is the latest!
I saw some movies..... I cooked some dinner.... I ate some salad.....
AND if that ain't enough.....
Well, just give it a look!


Meesh said...

first of all, where was my alert email!?!? I live for these posts dammit!

secondly... yes, where the hell are all the big girls??? Seth Rogan, John C. Reilly, Jack Black, are all glorified in all their flubbiness. "Real" men. While we are subjected to be represented by fucking stick figures. Gimme a fucking break.

thirdly... 2 second rule!!! bwahahahaha! you rock.

Janet MacEwen said...

ah yes... the "Big Bellied and Balding Boys (you didn't mention balding but Sharron, you KNOW it's true !) in TV Leading Roles" topic is one of my personal pet peeve faves. No female I've asked about it has a satisfactory answer as to the TOTAL male acceptability factor vs the almost non-existent female equivalent (minus the balding part ;) Oh I know, ya got yer Queen Latifa and Camryn Manheim (who has lost weight have you noticed?? hmmm...) and Mimi (just plain scary) on The Drew Carey Show... hardly a realistic per capita representation of 90% the women in North America!!!! Don't GET me started! :)
Oh... and Miss Sharron - the next time you suspect George has "fazed out", try telling him about the prostate exam you've booked for him or ask what he wants to name the baby ;)