Saturday, May 10, 2008

Webshow #2.... Kung Fu, McSteamy and Soup!

Here is episode number two part one...
I guess I got alot to say!
I hope to have a guest or two on the next one!
I am gonna evolve!!
Scary, eh?


Meesh said...

OMG... I miss you so much.

Why are we not the best of friends and getting together weekly for shoot the shit sessions??? Seriously. We are peas in a pod.

life is weird.

This just made my day though.

(and I cannot tell you how many times I have had the fat white girl/vs fat black girl conversation...) We whities just don't "own" and love our curves. It's sad.

ok... running to watch part two!!

Sharron Matthews said...

I love responses..... isn't that fat girl thing hard?
It makes me spit!

Meesh said...

well girl... You're bookmarked now, so be prepared for responses!

oy.. the fat girl thing.
Try as I might to embrace my inner black diva, the outer fat white girl totally wins out everytime. Bitch.

Amanda Campbell said...
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Amanda Campbell said...

I love that you are loving the root beer.
Because I love root beer.
And our hair is the same.

Janet MacEwen said...

Sharron Matthews - At last I have the time to sit down and just be entertained by you and your Webshow blog. "Womb Raider!!!!! Bah-HA! Honey, you may become more addictive to me than FaceBook! And the big girls of many colours observation? it's funny 'cause it's TRUE!
OK... Gonna watch some more you...