Saturday, September 06, 2008

Britney SPEARS!!! OH MY GOD!!!

OH my lord you guys!!!
She is gonna try it again.....
I mean.... Oops.... she is gonna do it again!!!!
Without the oops!!!
Now, we all know how I love a little Brit!!!
She is awesome and trashy and messy but I can't stop watching her and rooting for her.....because I love her ....and because she is a source of alot of my material!!
After that horrible MVA debacle.... was it two years ago... or was it just last year?.......she has pulled up here thigh-highs and decided to give it another go!!
That is moxie and I wish her the best...
What is it gonna be like?
What is she gonna wear?
How is it gonna be?
Are you all rooting for her like I am???

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