Saturday, October 24, 2009

Days, Dogs and the search...and the vigil...

I know that you all think I am lordy for these dogs. Well, I am. No doubt.
I am laying in bed after having one of the longest days of my life and George had to go let in the workmen to our home early this morning (yes, we are still in a rental due to the effing termite invasion, but we are close to going back....thank god...godess or universe.) so I slept in. I got home at one million o'clock last night and G was asleep (too tired to type out full name of husband...he knows I know his name) and, again, the day had been so long that I needed a glass of wine. Side an effort to get back to fitness, I have given up everything I love except wine...I am unwilling to give up to booze now that I have found it't be thinking I have a problem or anything...I don't. I don't encourage drinking...but I say 'do what you wanna'.
I laid myself into a 'one glass of wine' sleep, I vaguely remember G kissing me this morning and telling me he had to saying 'lurv u and blergy do'....well, that is what it sounded like in my head anyway...after the exchange I went promptly back to sleep.
When I woke again and peered over the side of the bed...there they were. No questions, no answers...just puppy love...they were waiting...ever so patiently...thanks pups.
As I said it was a long day yesterday...and I am thankful for it. It scrubbed my brain out a brain needed a change of direction...if only for one day. I woke up yesterday morning at 7:00am to put on my hairpiece. Yup....that early for styling and image...because I went to host the Contact Conference up in Richmond Hill...which is far, just for your info...less far when you are sharing a car with the laughter inducing Wayne Gwillim.
But as I got my hairpiece done...I checked my email...and , thankfully and sadly, found numerous emails from friends and strangers regarding Christopher Skinner. The outpouring of grief and disbelief not only well it will and should...and it is fanning out over the entire world.
I received messages from as far as London, England.
His funeral and memorial were the day before in Uxbridge...I had wanted to attend but could not.
There was a new article in the Toronto Star yesterday morning with a video attached about the memorial... hundreds of people were there.
The video...though it has an add attached at the beginning, shame...plays the SUV in question, filled with killers speeding through a light... on a loop....I watched it 10 times...I didn't recognize anything but I just couldn't believe that this car contained humans who would (or had) committed such a horrible act.
They are searching....and I believe wholeheartedly that they will find these people.
And with that thought I went to Richmond Hill.
I started working and hosting at 11:00am-ish and walked out of the building at 11:00pm...with a break in the middle where I drove to the Sheraton and talked to presenters...
Oh, let me tell you...Contact is the yearly Conference where the presenters from theatres all over Ontario get together and see acts to book in their theatres for the next is three days long and they see a TON of stuff....I hosted and presented some of 'Sharron's Big Broadway Show' went well, I had a good time... no one is meant to wear heels for 12 hours....there were 6 acts including mine during the day...they all had 25 minutes each to show their stuff....and in the evening there was a wopping me....9.
There was some amazing talent...A fabulous afro cuban jewish band named Odessa/Havana...a 19 blues phenom named Keith Hallett...I was happy to be an entertainer.
THIS IS WHERE THE REST OF SUNDAY HAPPENED AFTER I WROTE THIS PORTION OF THE BLOG>>>I rehearsed with my new band, I walked the dogs, I watched Grey's Anatomy on PVR....I pondered publishing the blog.
I felt weird writing a blog about normal I saved it to here I lay on Sunday morning...still feeling strange and dark about how life moves on and the world keeps spinning.
Last night I watched two days worth of news on the computer...and was again shocked and laid low.
Christopher Skinners' young...they looked like they are mine and George's picture parents being so much older. They spoke so well in interviews...I thought they were very brave and honest.
Then I saw the new footage of Skinner walking down the street...
You want to reach in and grab him...
I wanted to turn it off....I wanted....everything to be different...for a cab to pick him up...for him still to be living at his old place so he wouldn't be in that area...for him to have stopped somewhere and made a phone call...
It is absolutely horrible to watch someones fate to unfold on a security watch him walk out of frame and then in a few seconds watch the traffic slow.
To hear how fast and cold the attack was...30 seconds.
And then the camera panned to a shot of his broken glasses on the ground and tmy heart stopped.
What the fuck has happened here?
How can this be true?
How can all this horrible info and truth be mixed into a "normal" day?
We can't forget...we live...but we cannot forget....
I feel that the search is on in a serious way.
I believe the killers...the murders...they keep calling it a "Hit and Run" which I find was a murder....I believe the killers will be found and found soon.
Then they will face the world.
The vigil is tonight at 8:00pm at the corner of Church and Wellesley....
There will be a city full of people who will peacefully and with great respect say no to senseless violence.

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