Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sharron's Canwest Cabaret Shakespeare and song swans.

Hey People!!
What a beautiful Saturday here in the land of swans and Shakespeare....for your information...those effin' swans are mean! They will hiss at your 120 pound dog if it comes too close...bitches...and the Shakespeare...I find a bit confusing....but I digress..
What a fabulous time I have had on my little 10 day holiday...working holiday...but holiday all the same!
The weather, while crisp, has been fabulous...I didn't bring my winter coat and it was just above zero last night....DID I MENTION THAT IT IS THE MIDDLE OF EFFING OCTOBER?
Mother Nature is just a bitch.
But I have been going out for drinks and dinner....staying up late....
And going to see shows!
I saw Forum!
What a riot!
And I use that word in the most positive and fabulous of ways!!!
At one point I looked at the stage featuring Dan Chameroy, Sean Cullen and Deanne DeGruitter and thought...
"Well, that is just Bad News Bears!"
I laughed my shit off.
What a great, fun show!
And fabu Randy Hughson was effing awesome...looking like he was having the time of his life!!!!
We love musicals.
I also went to see Steve Ross in Cyrano...I haven't seen him work in forever !
Yes people....I went to a play!
What the eff?
He and Wayne Best, and Mike Shara....doing such fine work!!
That was enough for shows as I had work to do people!
Sending out packages, making posters, writing things, sending emails, checking Facebook...
Getting ready for the

I am loving my set list...and cannot wait to work with the band next week!
One of my blog readers and show goers wrote me and asked me about some of the people I would go see at the Canwest...
Well, it really is an incredible line up...there are 150 performers...60 concerts...some of the artists I know, some I have heard of...and some are new to me.
I know that Albert and his team put alot of work and time into picking the artists so I am sure they will ALL be great!
But for sweet Kathy, here are a couple of my pics for the 4 day CABARET celebration!!

Sharron's Canwest Pics 2009!

Sharron Matthews and The Panik Attack
I would not be me if I didn't remind you that I am finally getting A BAND!!! The band is led by that upstart, coming fresh from his first season of composing and working at the Shaw Festival...Reza Jacobs.
I am featuring a new songologue!!
It is the LAST cabaret that I have booked so don't miss it!
October 30th @ 8:45pm

The Joni Mitchell Songbook
I always think the songbooks are such a bargain. I love Joni and you will see a bunch of fabu artists...some who you may not know...I think the line up is pretty stellar...including
Heather Bambrick, David Sereda, and Denzal Sinclaire
October 29th @ 9:45pm and October 31st @ 5:00pm

Molly Johnson
Molly Johnson for $20.
I need say no more.
October 29th @ 8:30pm

The Leonard Cohen Songbook
Love the man and his music....great interpreters ...including Brent Carver, I mean really. He sang "Take This Waltz" at Sharron's Party and literally stopped the show.
October 30th @ 7:15pm and October 31st @ 8:00pm

The Rogers and Hart Songbook

LOVE Rogers and Hart!
They wrote "My Funny Valentine" for eff's sake!!!
And it is musically directed and features a Canadian institution ...John Alcorn!!!
It features many other artists including the acclaimed Denzal Sinclaire and is hosted by National Post reviewer Robert Cushman...who delighted and surprised when he guested on ...ya I know...Sharron's Party!
October 30th @ 10:00pm & October 31st @ 2:15pm

Brent Carver
The first cabaret of his that I saw at Premier Dance Theatre back in the 90's changed my life forever.
He is one of my idols and we are so lucky he is doing a concert.
Don't walk people!
October 31st @ 3:45pm

Patricia Zentilli and Patti Loach:
Shopping Cart of Love
I love these two artists!
I have followed them from the Toronto Jazz Festival to the Toronto Centre and I always am excited to see what they will come up with next!
I saw this show and was so moved by their humour, Patricia's voice and heart and Patti's emotion on the piano!
They are gonna only move catch them before they cost one million dollars.
October 31st @ 3:45pm

[Disclaimer!!! I know the Brent and the two Patti's are at the SAME TIME! But I love them both and you will have to "Sophie's Choice" it!!!]

Breithaupt Brothers Songbook

Now, I haven't seen these dudes personally but I WILL not miss the first 15 minutes ( I start a show the same night at 10:15pm) of their show this year! Their songbook killed last year and since then their show "Seeing Stars" has become the hit of the New York Musical Theatre Festival...and they are CANADIAN!! Hurrah! This show features some of my fave artists...Brent Carver, Heather Bambrick, Jackie Richardson and John Alcorn! October 31st @ 10:00pm

The Scary Cabaret
Yes, I know...I am in this night...but I love the theme people...and I will be doing one of my fave scary songs...and the artists are diverse...
Diana Braithwaite, Sharron Matthews, Luis Mario Ochoa, Kenneth Welsh, Tomson Highway and Chris Whiteley. Musical Direction: David Buchbinder. A: LOVE Kenneth Welsh B: Tomson fricken Highway...what a storyteller... It is gonna be scary, interesting and FUN!!!
October 31st @ 8:30pm and 10:15pm

John Alcorn
Along with everything else he is doing in this series, he is doing his own concert!!!
He really has the voice of velvet and brandy
The face of a matinee idol
And the piano playing of a virtuoso!
How do you like that?
November 1st @ 4:15pm

So, that is what I am thinking ...and may I say it again...these are just a few of my pics... the WHOLE SERIES in just awesome...and diverse...don't be afraid to try something new...I think you should just park your ass down there for 4 days !! Each cabaret is a mere $20.0o and you can buy three at a time and save 20%!
Go to this link to see the full schedule!

Whew...Kathy....I am exhausted.

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