Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Bit Excited.


I really have to go to bed.

I have to be on the radio in...8 hours...those morning radio people...that Jean Stilwell gotta get up SO early.

She is on the freakin’ radio at 5:00 freakin’ AM!!!

She and PLoach also are doing their show in Barrie this weekend...checks it...

For all you wanna know about JEAN, she is most awesome!!

Okay...I have to go to bed...but I am too excited.

Isn't that the limit?

42 years old last week and looking for the melatonin because I am all filled with the joy of life.

Lordy...I know...lordy.

I rehearsed with the wonderful and talented Mike Ross tonight for the Tom Waits Songbook...I love singing new songs...I DO NOT like learning the words...but I DO love it when I know them. Let it be said here, that I rehearsed with Mike Ross IMMEDIATELY after a spin was the only time we could arrange...the poor man...I was all sweaty and skanky...a bit gross....yuck.

I have a rehearsal for the Sondheim Songbook Tomorrow...and I am in the process of getting ready for the Bach Salon.Yup...someone asked me to be a part of something REALLY fancy...and it gives me the nerves, people...but Suba Sankaran has come up with SOMETHING ELSE coolio for that salon...all the pieces for the Global look so interesting!

I feel very lucky to get a chance to work with all these different artists...thanks to Albert for the opportunity!

OH and I am rehearsing with Chris Tsujiuchi ...henceforth to be known as COOCHIE COOCHIE (thank you Sara Farb) tomorrow as well...I am so excited.

And I rehearsed with my band band...fancy...for my feature cabaret...Holy fuck...I am gonna spend some quality time on Saturday with my own show...which is new...with a band, did I mention that??? the Garland Cabaret on Saturday Night the 2nd and the Ballie...THE BIG ROOM people...on the 3rd...oh....the big room.

I AM SO EXCITED!!!AND I will be selling my CD 'Party Girl' at the Global CABARET Festival!

It has some of my fave tunes on it...Brandy, Stop in the Name of Love, Hotel California, Don't Stop Believin'...eff you Glee peeps!

(If you wanna copy but cannot come please email me at or FB me and we can figure it all out via paypal or some such thing)


I know I keep going on and on about the whole World Domination Thing (WEEK 39 people)...but I am actually doing a taping for Bravo tomorrow as well....FREAKIN', effing BRAVO!!!

I am not I?

Well, maybe a bit...ALRIGHT!!!

Can you guys just give me this one...I know you have been listening to this ad nauseum this year...But I am so very excited that all the work...worked.

And to put a cherry on it I looked at the fabulous artist Michelle Monteith’s cover article in the NOW I went to a section called “Great Performers Taking The Fall” (I totally DIDN'T google myself) I found a lovely article from the NOW Magazine that came out today...and I crapped my pants.

I would like to thank Glenn for that lovely mention...wowie.


Okay...maybe it is bragging...but remember...remember...remember last year I spent a week crying in my bathtub because I didn’t get ONE GRANT of the bunch that I applied for?

AND now...I am in the moment...and excited.

Thank you forever to all the wonderful people who donated and supported to make my dreams come to fruition.

Who knows what will happen next...but, I am EXCITED!

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