Wednesday, September 29, 2010


So, I am all in ‘getting ready’ for cabaret mode but there are other important things happening in the world....oh ya...there is that weird and horrible Mayorial thing...and other ‘NEWS’ type crap... but I am talking about more important things.

Let’s see...there I was time last week when I was on my bike waiting at a light and a huge white Chevy truck drove up beside me and the two red necks in it looked at my helmet (George made me get one of those helmets that go over your whole head...I look like an idiot...George says “An idiot with a head.” Touche.) and they laughed and said “Nice helmet”...I looked at their truck and the ad on the side said ‘It’s My Potty’...they were the poop hut people...and I said “You’re making fun of ME?” which they told me to “Fuck off...” or something really red neck original.

OH and then there is the fact that September is TV premiere month...I love it. I LOVE IT!

Remember when it was just a week of that juicy goodness lasts ALL MONTH!

I didn’t watch a lot of TV this summer...and I was getting all fancy thinking...thinking....oh I am getting older and I don’t need TV as much...I knew the days of CBC radio, books and Tea would finally come, making me more intelligent....looking.

But then the new season of Survivor started and I was reminded that I have spent a good deal of my life with my mouth open in front of the old boob tube.


Survivor looks awesome...there is one girl on the young person team that seems particularly toxic...I don’t know her name....I don’t learn names for at least 5 more weeks...not worth it. I CAN’T WAIT!!!

Modern Family...already full of crunchie comedy goodies...the nail gun, the part when Mitchell locked himself in the castle and the bird flew in, the family in the car......although I think that I spend most of the show over ‘laugh-looking’ at George...he doesn’t laugh sometimes and it makes me feel like he is not appreciating the show as much as he I pick up the slack.

Sadly, I found 30 Rock a little weird...just for the sake of being weird...a bit over written, George said....anyhow...I was disheartened...and then when I saw Jane Krakowski and was reminded that I heard this summer that she is paid over $20,000.00 a night for her cabaret show...I got owly.

AND I saw it written on twitter by all and I heartily is it that GREY’S Anatomy can still get you and make you have a good can always count on it for that...thank you Shondra Rhymes...what is gonna happen to McDreamy? ( I have to watch this show when George isn’t home because George HATES IT.)

Now, in the spirit of ‘Lost’ I decided to watch the Event...I am already confused....but I will give it one more week.

Dexter. Killer....ahahhahhahaha....loser, Sharron.

And there are some other things coming up....SUV, the new show Ordinary Family....but I have decided to do something I haven’t done in many years...because it is this woman’s last season...I have decided to tape Oprah.

I know...stop SCREAMING AT ME.

I stopped watching because on one show she was talking to Julia Roberts and they were talking about what they changed in their lives when they got they kept talking about how they had their people change their sheets every day and bought million dollar towels....I knew it was time to stop watching Oprah.

But this is her last season....something motherfucking crazy is gonna happen...don’t you think?

I watched Liza on it last week...that was something else...her talking about how she Brain Encephalitis when she married that David guy. And then she sang. wow.

What if Liza was doing a cabaret....oh wait...I am doing a cabaret this Saturday October 2nd (at 7:00pm) and Sunday October 3rd (at 3:15pm) the Young the distillery...with a band people....A BAND!! And I am selling my CD!!!

I hope you can all come!!!

Here is where you can your tickets people!!!

And Happy TV WATCHING!!!

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