Thursday, September 09, 2010

Secret gigs...turning 42 and the Global Cabaret Festival!!! WOOO WOOOO WOOOO! and I fell over.


I am not going to lie to you...

I am 42 years old (next Thursday to be exact...I don't need anything fancy...I think the universe has already done a lot for this gal this year) I am 42 years old...which I think is the reason I AM STILL SO FUCKING TIRED from the freaking Scot-Land.

It was so great...but lord I am pokey.

And I have been working on a couple of gigs I have next corporate and one...can you belive this? secret.

I am doing a secret gig.

Scary...creepy and GLAMOUROUS.


Me too.

And a bit terrified.

I ain't gonna lie.

Always glamourous...and yesterday Louise said she saw my face on a billboard over the Gardiner for the 'Run for the Cure' campaign...I love the campaign!!!

I wanna see it...of course I do.

But you is also my 16 wedding anniversary TOMORROW....16 years ago tomorrow the priest, pastor...father...I am not sure what his title was...but he was lovely...asked George if he would take me to be his wife....George said "I Do!' and then his hair turned grey pretty much the next day...but it is such a sexy and handsome grey.

And George's Birthday at the end of the is a big month...

I thought it would be a relaxing month...but it is freaking busy...

I am planning for the future...there are more tour plans that are being considered and weighed and talked about...

But in the immediate future?

In three weeks I will be doing my newest show at the Global Cabaret Festival and I will be ready to PARTY then!!

I love this festival and my show was sold out last year!!

And, as you can imagine, I got a story to tell, my dears

My first show is on Saturday October 2nd at 7:00pm in the beautiful and intimate Garland Cabaret space and the next is Sunday October 3rd at 3:15pm in the huge and fabulous Baillie Theatre...I am super excited!

I am also involved in a number of Songbook Series and is amazing line up this year and I am always honoured to be asked.

And I am bringing a BAND, people!!! Chris Tsujiuchi on keyboard, Jamie Drake on percussion and Eric Patterson on the axe....which is a guitar...I am so effing cool, right?

Anyhow, tickets are on sale NOW!!!

Last show I did at the Young Centre was sold out and they turned away a number of people, so BOOK EARLY!!!

It is my first show since Edinburgh and I got a lot to say, a lot to be thankful for and, as always, A LOT to comment many things....COME ON OUT PEOPLE!!!

I don't know when I will be singing next.....Below is the fabu link!!

I hope to see you there...we can talk and hug and everything!

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