Tuesday, September 14, 2010

was onstage with ALMOST every reviewer in Toronto....on purpose.

So, I am in the car with George... and after the mammoth experience that was the beginning of the World Domination Tour...yes, you read that right...the beginning...I was a feeling a bit overwhelmed...a bit tired and a bit relieved to be driving away from Toronto to have some quiet time when my cell phone rang.

It was that Adam Brazier..."What are you doing this week?" It was Sunday. Me. "I am super busy, Adam...and I ain't gonna lie...I am tired." He. "Well, I am doing this Producers thing for the Actors Fund with the reviewers and producers and the person playing Ulla had to drop out...will you do it?....it was supposed to be a special surprise guest and you would be one of the only actors in it...besides the ensemble and Camilla and Cynthia who played the Usherettes."

Me. Silence.

He. "I will make this super easy for you and work around your schedule."

Me, thinking inside my head....Ullla? Well, that would be fun. I will NEVER fucking get to play that...and it is for the Actor's Fund.

I should NOT do this...I have a million things to accomplish this week....


Then I say to myself....Really?


You will have to stand onstage with all the reviewers...and act with them...and have conversations on break.

I mentally go over the bad reviews I have gotten and who they were from...hmm....

I ain't gonna lie...when I showed up to my first rehearsal and looked around and thought....and then said outloud.."This is like some bizarre dream..."

I didn't know what I really expected...but I was so pleasantly and happily surprised by how much fun I had.

I find reading reviews hard.

I have talked about it before.

I do read them because I produce and I have to see what I can use...

But it is fucking hard.

To actually choose to spend time with people I avoid looking at in the audience was a strange decision...we are just not usually friends with them...we lead lives in the same place but on different planes (isn't that all fancy?)....it is true.

I have had Robert Cushman on my show...so I know he can be a very witty and entertaining man...but I have never seen Kelly Nestruck, Richard Ouzounian or Serafin LaRiviere work onstage....what would that be like?

They worked their asses off....everyone did..the young and talented Mitchell Marcus of Acting Upstage as Carmen...hilarious...and all of the arts donors, supporters and producers who took a great deal of time out of their schedules to say or sing a couple of lines...or strut down the stairs of the Jane Mallet as a Nazi.

Joan Mathers and Marlene Smith as sex crazed little old ladies....

It was a fabulous time...a really great night and I thank them for all the hard work they did for the Actor's Fund and for that audience...who just screamed...Serafin had to come back up for a bow after he finished "Springtime for Hitler".

And the fabu ensemble who gave so much of their time.

It was a pleasure to work with all...thank you for a such a lovely night.

And thanks to the Fashion Crimes for outfitting me once again.


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