Wednesday, April 20, 2011

"It is a Sausage Convention" at RUSH last night!

First of all....have you ever seen a happier man in your whole life.

Standing beside my man watching him THRILL through EVERY song that came on....PRICELESS. WORTHE EVERY PENNY FOREVER!!!

Second of all...I have NEVER seen so many STRAIGHT MEN in one place in my entire life. It was a bit weird for me...I didn't know how to conduct myself...

Third of all...I put myself in a line up to get into the orchestra (they call it the FLOOR in concert strange this world)...into the orchestra of the theatre (auditorium)... at least I thought it was that line was the line up for the...wait for it...MEN'S washroom...LINE UP!!! The men's rooms were all packed to overflowing.....that is how many guys were there...and it was sold was, in George's words...a sausage convention. Almost, every time I walked by a group of dudes I would hear them say "There's a girl."....a girl. LOVE IT.

Fourth of all...George ran out of beer and I said I would go get him some and how much did he want...I put in my ear plugs...yes, I know...and as I walked away I saw about 10 guys nodding to George with awe and respect...

Fifth of all...Though RUSH is amazing...they really are...Geddy Lee, the lead singer commented that because they were so old they had to take an intermission...well, of course they is the theatre, people...George went in search of the Men's room with the shortest line (it still amazes me) and I pulled out my KOBO and sat down... a gentleman in a Maple Leaf's cap and a t shirt that said "Don't Ask....I Divorced the Bitch" said,

"You brought your book to RUSH?"...incredulously....and I said, "Well, it is intermission and I don't know any of you people and my phone has no you have a better idea?"...He just shook his head and laughed at me in my face...and I bit back "It is a wonder that you aren't married"....or maybe "So, you do well with girls?"... or" You play the best air guitar and drums I have ever seen...that is gonna get you laid!!!" ....oh, so many thoughts....

Sixth of All...I loved watching that band. There is just three of them and they make the most amazing noise I have heard...symphonic. They played like motherfuckers...and that

Getty Lee...he was amazing.....

Geddy Lee had some tight pants on for a 60 year old dude to be running around in. And HE could move...I guess that is from many years of wearing too tight pants...stuffed with a banana....George will be mad when he reads that...but a joke is a joke.

That being said...they are fucking virtuosos....did I spell that right...fuck know what I mean.

Seventh of All...My show at the Flying Beaver on Friday is SOLD OUT!!! I love that, I have to say. So, a second show has been added on Saturday and I have been told that it is selling very well. I would love to see you please book in can come and have a nice dinner as well...get right sloshed. Don't heckle me know what happens to hecklers....So,call the Pubaret (647.347.6567) for tickets...or go here for online tickets

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druphis said...

Hey Sharron, it's Drew from the Phoaty's. I too was at the Rush! They are my musical hero's. I did not realize George was a fan. We will definitely need to chat the next time I see him. I though I saw a girl, it must have been you ;) it most definitely is a sausage fest at a Rush show. But a little different than the sausage fests at Peter's ;).

Talk soon.