Sunday, June 24, 2012

Awesome Preview Article for 2012 Tour and a rehearsal VID!?!?! WOWOWOWO!

Hey All!
I am at it early this Sunday....a gal has got to sell her shiz!
Now that Canada Sings has wrapped for 2012...what an awesome season it is time to go on tour!! The Sharron Matthews Superstar: GOLD Tour 2012!
And I am very excited about this is some of my solid GOLD hits (see what I did there?), stories about Gold Diggers (that effing Kim Kardashian), Gold Stealers (You gotta come to the show to hear about that!), Gold Sequins and so much more...and there is a Hooker Medley. I
I mean, why not?
Here is a fabulous article that just went up on The New Current site in the UK to preview my show! They named me one of the "TNC Top Five Cabarets 2012"...HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE THAT?!!?? I ASK YOU!! Checks it!

Now, I had no you will see...but at my rehearsal for that tour a couple of days ago, a wonderful documentary type filmmaker, director, producer, bon vivant (I know I spelled that wrong but you get the idea, right?) , Mike Bickerton, showed up and took some footage! What? I never you can see from the video...I am very surprised...there is no other explanation for why my hair is so effing bad.
I am very excited about the whole tour...I know I keep saying it...but I am.
This is already my favourite show I have ever done.
The posters with all the info for TO and UK are at the bottom of this page after the video of which I had no knowledge!!

Now, thank you to my fabulous poster and flyer  designer for the last 6 years ( Holy CRAP how time flies)  Andy Parks ( he NEVER disappoints and always makes me feel like a rockstar! Always! And to the earlier mentioned, Mike Bickerton, who took the photo for this as well. Both amazing supporters. Thank you!
All the info for the first leg of the tour is right below!! COME ON OUT!!! 
(New York info is on my Website with poster to FOLLOW!!)

Just named on the Comedy Reviewer Edinburgh Fringe Hot Tip Sheet 2012 as one of 5...yes, 5 outta 1500 comedians to see at the Fringe this year!!! Check out this link!

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