Tuesday, June 12, 2012

TONIGHT! The warm up to Stampede vs. RBC! 3-1 for Kelly and Scott! LORD!!!

Tonight is SEXY ...and I (and my boobs) decided to try and join in!! CV looks so handsome, as usual... Kelly Konno and Scott Henderson look unconvinced.
Matte is sticking his tongue out...no idea why!
I would like to take this chance to give a shout out  to the stellar work of Kelly and Scott...I can't think better competitors! 
This season has been a barn burner.
Tonight, CV and I are trying to come back from a...I HATE TO EVEN UTTER IT on my effing blog...a 3-1 losing streak. 
AND let me say here...that none of our teams are losers...they are all winners. ALL OF THE TEAMS ARE WINNERS FOR stepping up and working their asses off.
Now...unlike everything else in my life :)... this show isn't about me...at least that is what my husband keeps reminding me... SERIOUSLY, though, it is about the teams...and their charities.
And almost EVERY one of our TEAMS came away with something more than expected. OPP got $10,000 from West Jet...so they ended up with $15000 (which was $5000 more than the winner's purse in season one!) for the Dave Mounsey Memorial Foundation. Elmwood got $5000 from Jann Arden...so they won $10,000 for the YWCA.
Except for OCS...and if I had an extra $5000 I would have given it...I would have! The deserved it. They DID walk away with $5000 for the Adopt-A-Class program! 
And the RCAF, of course, won their week and received $25,000 for Support Our Troops!
Every one of our teams so far has killed it. 
So, they did their job!!
Now, let us be frank, people...CV and I HATE LOSING!!! WE HATE IT!! IT SUCKS!!!
And tonight...I think both of our teams REALLY hit it out of the park tonight...Kelly and Scott's RBC team and our Stampede team...one of my fave episodes...no offence to any of the other teams...but this one had ...some hot sauce on it...Scott keeps calling it a Sexicode...and I would tend to agree. Ihaven't seen the finished show...so I am, as always nervous as hell!
BUT...it was a fair fight...and it...I...lord...it was a hard one, PEOPLE!! A HARD ONE!
Do Kelly and Scott's team walk away with it...again...or do we finally get a another win!! DO WE!!?!? 
What the EFF!?!?!
Here is a candid shot of our whole team...all of us onstage waiting for deliberation.

And here is one of the reasons NO one should ever be shot from the back...

THAT isn't pretty!!
It is a wild look to begin with...lord...Sharron.
And be sexified!!!
(All photos by John Goodyear)

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