Monday, June 11, 2012

Some things...GOLD, Judge Mathis, Les Mis.

What a muggy day, people.
I am now procrastinating going to the gym...I would like to just be truthful, here.
I had a few thoughts about the last week...there seemed no better time to share these thoughts with you....they all have no relation to one another.

1. You know what I love? When someone tells you a) They think they know you better than you know yourself OR b) That they KNOW you....usually said while they are rolling their eyes, being superior or pointing their finger in your chest. 
Sidebar: I really DON'T love this.

2. I know that I sometimes comment on the performance of celebrities on my blog...or in my show (Yes, I said that I thought Meryl was crappy in Mamma Mia...I am sure she is crushed) BUT everyone is pooping on the Les Mis trailer that aired last night...I think it looked very exciting. ALSO...I did Les Mis for almost 4 years...not in a row...but 4 years all the same...I had the pleasure to see the performances of about 50 Fauntines (understudies and what not) and I think Anne Hathaway sounds lovely and seems to be acting the shit out of Fauntine. YOU GO GIRL! You sing that note in your head sounds lovely.

3. I got back onstage at Buddies Scotiabank Pride Gala. What a fabulous night I had. There is nothing like live performance. I had a blast! And absolute blast! I CANNOT wait till my Sharron Matthews Superstar: GOLD Tour kicks of on that very same stage...Tallulah's BITCHES!! Songs by Guns and Roses, Beyonce, Police, Prince, Radiohead, Queen, Shelia E, Gaga, many!! And I have GOT A STORY TO TELL!! IT HAS BEEN TOO LONG!!

Here is the poster (thanks to the AMAZING Andy Parks, for the killer design and to Mike Bickerton for the awesome photo!) ! Get your tickets now, people...these are my only TO shows THIS YEAR!!

4. AND THEN THERE IS SCOTLAND!! 50 days till EDFRINGE people!! TICKETS ON SALE!! Get your SEATS!!! I am so effing excited...THIS YEAR IS GONNA ROCK! And I am at the Pleasance Courtyard! The best of all possible venues!!

5. Last night, we had one really awesome chance of having Canada mentioned on the Tony Awards...and the leading player from Pippin effed it up. was so...Canadian. 

6. Judge Mathis is awesome. ( is a lazy day in many ways.)

 7 . Tomorrow night, Tuesday,  on Global TV you can watch the second last episode of Season TWO of Canada Sings. It has been an amazing season. All of the teams have done so well...both was an inspiring season...really...just jaw dropping how wonderful all the performers were. The next two episode are just more of the awesomeness. This week CV and work with the Stampede Casino. They are a TRIP!!! They won our hearts...and worked so hard on their EXTREMELY difficult routine...and they pulled it proud!! Watch the show! Global. Tuesday. Check your local... but it is 10:00pm in Ontario! This is a very special episode.
Like a very special "Blossom" but better.

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