Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Canada Sings - OSC vs. CAA ...Yes, we were hard a**es.

I drove like a bat out of hell (Don't read that I challenged the speed limit, OPP...or Hamilton Police...) to get home from TO to watch the show in real time...I rolled in the house, jumped on the couch and held in the fact that I had drank a whole 2 litre bottle of water on the way THAT as you may.
I have watched the live show...I know what happens...but I was still shaky as all get out...I think it was partially from holding in the 2 litres.
The rehearsal pack (the part of the show where you see us on site rehearsing, the interviews with us and the team members) was a bit hard to watch this week...whooweee ....I ain't gonna lie...CV and I looked like hard a**es. 
Ah well!
Let me say...
This was a huge group of people...and there were a lot of people who have not been in a rehearsal situation...and there is no time to find the learning curve.
AND this was a challenging number with many elements...props, carts, swords, hats, oars, 3 part harmony, dynamics, challenging choreo...CV and I didn't have time to mess around.
Both of us gave this team a great challenge...and they met storytelling!
Let me tell you a couple things you didn't see...
Heidi...who asked a lot of questions...who I told "I've Got It"...took this number in hand (at our bequest) and led the polishing and rehearsing of the team after we were gone...and she took the job very seriously. She did an amazing job.
Thank you, Heidi!
Anthony M (the lead of the piece)...had a lot of responsibility...and he rose to the challenge...gosh, he did a wonderful job...he and Anthony S. (who the piece was about) worked very hard on their relationship...and you can see it...thank you both for that!
Karen, the team captain, was always a breath of positivity...and led this team so well. Thank you, Karen! 
And let me tell ya, he may seem harsh sometimes, but CV gets the job done...and the teams love him for his dedication...and they can't wait to hear his praise...which he gives with great reverence. He is the task master with a heart of gold!
The WHOLE OSC TEAM (Catherine, Anita, Heidi, Karen, Tammy, Marko, Fotini, Sandra, Louise, Kate, Anthony S, Anthony M, Lynn, Kathy, Norm and Allison) deserves a hug, a pat on the back, 3 cheers, a name it.
The routine was theirs.
They executed it perfectly.
They danced and sang with great spirit, with detail and wonderful harmonies!
There is nothing more they coulda done, people! They told a beautiful story worthy of a Bway stage!
It just so happened the other team also had a great routine and worked their butts off as well!
It is always breath taking to hear the deliberation...we are not privy to any of this info on show day...CV, Scott and Kelly and I sit in the audience...bit our nails...have our make up retouched after weeping (that might just be me...) was great to hear all the comments...and know how hard a decision it was!
It was a hard loss for OSC...all took it hard...we were all a bit heartbroken...BUT the OSC were great sports!! Just wonderful, kind and thoughtful.
What fabulous people work at the OSC, huh?
Congrats to CAA (YOU CAN GO HARD OR YOU CAN GO HOME!!) on a fabulous win. You brought so much to your number! What a wonderful energy you had! Congrats to Scott and Kelly on a great routine...I liked THE FUNK AND THE BOUNCE!
In the end it is about the charities...and congrats to both teams for upping the profile of both of their causes!
If you would like to donate to the OSC's charity 'Adopt a Class' go here...
And if you would like to donate to CAA's charity Toronto Sick Kids Hospital go here...
What a fabulous show.
I do love it! 
Keep watching...there are a lot more surprises this season!!
This is my fave pic of OSC before their amazing performance! Way to go you couldn't have made us prouder.

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