Wednesday, May 16, 2012

OPP vs. WestJet - EPISODE ONE of Canada Sings!

NOW that I have finally arrived home from the fantastic whirlwind that was doing press for Canada Sings and the wonderful premiere that we celebrated at the Drake (Thank you to Insight and Global) I can tell you this.
I officially drank too much wine.
Oh, my sweet lord...I WAS SO NERVOUS!!!
I mean, I knew the ending, of course....but I had not seen the show myself.
And watching with a bunch a people...yes, a bunch of people who I love...still gave me a case of the nerves.
I thought the show was amazing!
Yes, I know I am biased as all get out...but...amazing!!
So fast true to all the stories...and charity aware...and fun.
Entertaining, people!
So. VERY. Proud.
I thought the number that Kelly and Scott put together for WestJet was killer. Congrats Scott and Kelly! What a fabulous job you did!
I remember being in rehearsal and watching the WestJet Sneak Peek...yes, we still did just didn't see it!!....and I thought, "Where in the hell are they flying in all of these soloists from? Huh? Where? Huh?"
There were 400 amazing much upbeat. 
Uh oh.
What you may not know is that both Artistic Teams work in a bubble...we don't know who or what we are up against...we only know our own teams until Sneak is amazing that the secrets can be kept for as long as they are...because I like to find out secrets.
Ask production. 
I am a mess surprise.
The first thing I thought was (after I saw the 400 soloists, the upbeat number and all that energy)..."Our numbers are totally different."
And that was a calming thought. 
They are two totally different stories.
Which made it scary and exciting.
CV and I knew that we were taking a big risk with the number...but the OPP jumped on the band wagon right away. They didn't hesitate. They embraced the story and they embraced each other...all for their wonderful charity, The Dave Mounsey Memorial Foundation.
They were troopers in the truest sense of the word.
I want to write here how absolutely proud I am of the performance that the OPP put across on the show last night. And how open they were in their storytelling on and off the stage. They are the men and women who keep us safe and they DO run towards danger...and they opened their hearts and minds...and for that I am eternally grateful. Proud.
I have made many new friends...and for that I am also grateful. 

I applaud WestJet not only on their win, or on their outstanding energetic performance but also on their donation of $10,000.00 to the Dave Mounsey Foundation. Pure Class.
The thing that I took away from watching the premiere last night was...yes, this is a competition...but first and foremost it is about the charity...and you can feel the love and hope flowing between the teams. THAT warms my heart. 
Winning is awesome. Losing can be hard...but this show is so much more...
I love this job.
I can't wait for next week.

If you have NOT seen the show go here and watch!!! There is also a lot of awesome behind the scenes stuff on the website...coolio!


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lyrixsearcher said...

I admit I got a little watery in the eyes when I first watched OPP's perfomance. Yet, after watching the COACHES REACTION version online,