Sunday, May 06, 2012

Paranormal Activity, Trampolines that ruin your zen and GCB!

So, unexpectedly, I ended up with two days on my own here in the homestead (that is what country people say.) with the pooches....(that is what I say)...and here are a couple things I have realized.

1. Sometimes when the house is really quiet...and you have ONLY seen the trailers for Paranormal Activity 4 (or whatever the fuck it is) because you have found that you are too old to watch that shit on purpose and have it scare you for weeks, months or years...and even the trailers scared the shit out of you...and you are up in bed...with the dogs at your side...and you are reading...and then you hear a noise downstairs...and the dogs won't even go is best to just ignore it...and hope it isn't someone coming to kill you in your sleep. It is just for the best.

2. When George is gone I will stay up till 5:00am reading...inspired to stay awake by aforementioned scary one is allowed to be bludgeoned in the day light, right? It is against the rules.

3. Sunday on your own at the Zehrs is a blood bath...old people think they should go first...there are kids everywhere screaming for shit they want...chicken isn't on sale...Joe Fresh is all picked is sad, really...and NOT for the faint hearter...and I always walk away with a Roasted Chicken which is, currently, mocking me from the fridge.

4.  I went out in my beautiful backyard to quietly read and it was in that quiet that I realized that the people who live behind us...have 4 teenagers and a fucking trampoline...swearing, bouncing...what the fuck? 

5. When George isn't here I can go without talking to people for days...he keeps me social...and here you all thought it was Twitter and Facebook.

6. The dogs try to push all my buttons when it is just the three of us...they know I am a soft touch...they are sitting by the door...and then by the fridge...and then by the door.... all day....popping up where you least expect to make you feel guilty about not taking them on a 24 hour walk...

7. I am love with GCB. Yes, I said it...I was going to try to hide is somewhere in the middle of this blog...but why start feeling embarrassed about shit I like NOW? I think I lost all credibility in that way telling the world how much I loved Britney Spears...yes, I said loved...I am kinda over her now that is grown up...if you hate everything I just said please look above at the cute picture of the doggies.


Unknown said...

I loooooove the 2nd photo for #6, it makes me laugh :)

Unknown said...
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