Wednesday, May 23, 2012

RCAF vs. Peel Children's Aid WEEK TWO!!

Oh my goodness.
The military...and musicians!
When I turned the page in my "Canada Sings Team Assignment Book" and saw the picture for the RCAF I was thrilled...and then a bit scared.
They are 'fancy' musicians...there is no denying it...classical players, rock and roll players...all different sorts of players...they have played all sorts of music...studied all sorts of music...they will be nervous about the dancing and Christian...but not about me, baby.
I HAD to arrange the perfect mash up...find the perfect number for them...I had to keep up my street cred.
So, I hunkered down in my office with my RCA old school ear phones and went to town.
I love the My Chemical Romance/Ben E King/Kansas MASH UP!!! LOVE IT!!
Meeting and working with the RCAF was a thrill. An absolute thrill.
They threw aside any misgivings and jumped right in...and gave me the floor with the music...which I was very thankful must have been hard to put themselves in the hands of a crazy redhead...but they did it...and they did it in spades.
It was such a pleasure to put this number together with them, yes, they had a lot of questions...but they wanted it to be perfect...they were not messing around...they were there with a serious mission.
Here are some of my fave lines and thoughts from rehearsal...

"Clearly all my best dancing is at night and in the dark..." Steve Champ (This man had a wonderful outlook and a humour that saw this group through some struggles)
"Sharron, I had to visualize it for couple of days first..." Michael Plummer, on his breaks would sit in a chair and stare up at the ceiling...Plummer was one of the reasons I cried...yes, I know I cry a day he just HAD the choreo...and it was hard getting there for him... BRAVO, PLUMMER, visualize away.
"Oui, Oui chante! " MP Laflamme to David Grenon when he expressed concern about singing and doing the 'down on the knees move'...MP was the dance captain and WHIPPED THIS GROUP into SHAPE!!!
"Oui, Oui...chante! You chante...she chante...everyone chante!" Me backing up MP's statement with my limited french. 
"Yes, Sharron, I'll get it..." Mike Hall, everyday. God, that guy worked hard. Best sense of humour and best sport. Thank you for laughing and for working...I know that you kept thinking "WHAT THE HELL HAVE I GOTTEN MYSELF INTO??" I LOVE ME SOME MIKE HALL!! (Please forgive the "rock and roll brain cells comment" was too easy. :)

Lord, I laughed that week.
And we met Corp. Mackenzie and I cried.
What an amazing man...a mountain of a man...he nearly broke my hand when he shook it...he is strong.
He is so well spoken, kind and he loves the Military.
He said that when he was a boy he was driving down the highway with his mom and he saw the telltale green trucks driving by, filled with soldiers...and he said to his mom, "I am gonna do that one day."
And he did and even though he is sick, he loves his life and his job.
Very humbling...thank you for you candor and your joy, Corp. Mackenzie.

This was a brave thing to do for the RCAF...put themselves in our hands without knowing what their number would be...what costumes they would wear...Thank you.

And they just performed the number perfectly...perfectly.

I didn't think we had it in the can NEVER THINK THAT...but I thought we had a great chance to win.
And then Peel came out...with their wonderful gospel number. 
They had all the joy in the world...and they brought it to stage...and filled the house with it.
Kelly and Scott put together the perfect number for them...uh oh.
Christian and I bit our lips and crossed our fingers.
We had no idea what was gonna happen...we really didn't.

YES, I love the winning...I do.
(I am a crappy, crappy loser...I try to hide it...but is is hard...the only thing that makes a softer loss on this show is that it is all for charity.)
I was so happy to see the comments from all the military personnel on Twitter, Facebook...the RCAF pages...the groups pages...we had one proud country last night....
What a marriage of music and the message...the editors, camera people, directors and all the crew involved told amazing stories last see the military and the social workers on the front line...and then see them come to stage and celebrate their work...and their co workers.
I ASK there a better, more positive show on the TV?!?!?!
OH! And what about ROB'S donation of $5000.00...from his own freaking pocket!?!?! 
And I had the joy of watching the show last night with David Grenon and Cindy Scott from RCAF, they were in TO singing for Prince Charles and Camilla, and there was a number of military personnel there as well.

I missed all the rest of the guys and gals...but I knew they were watching somewhere, together...that is what they do.
They are a team.
THANK YOU, Christian Vincent...what an amazing number...they looked wonderful! They did the choreo...and HALL GOT IT!!... 
"TO see a marching BAND!" (Our fave part!)
Did you read this and say...oh...I wish I saw the episode?
Here it is...

Watch last week's episode while you are at it!
And tell all your friends what all these everyday peeps are doing...for charity.
A wonderful week, again to Scott and Kelly.
So, it is 1-1...not that I am counting...what will happen?
Miss you, CV!!!

P.S. It was pointed out to me by one of my lovely co-workers that I am not the most "graceful" of winners. (Look at the picture...out front...all hands in the air...)...I can only refer to the paragraph where I talk about how crappy I am at losing. Acknowledging your own craziness is half the battle.

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