Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Week 5 - Stampede Casion vs. RBC, people.

Wasn't that some ooey... gooey... sexy CANADA SINGS GOODNESS?!?!
That is possibly one of my fave episodes...for many reasons (don't be mad other KNOW I love you all...but the match up was amazing and the routines gelled with each was a crazy battle onstage...and it seems...we missed Jann...that was for sure.
You see...Kelly, Scott, CV and myself sit about 20 rows behind the judges during the whole deliberation thing...we try and figure out from arm movements WHAT the eff is going on. We don't really know who voted for what team until after...unless they feel very strongly about something and tell us that ever happens. :)
Anyhow, here is the thing...I don't think you would ever be able to tell on the TV (it just can't cover ALL the days in their is too much time) how far these people come. They are not professionals! NOT! Sometimes we are lucky enough to get someone with natural talent or someone who sang in a band...or someone who loves performing...but for the most part...and I think the other coaches would agree...we are getting very enthusiastic people who have never been on a stage, sung a note or danced a step. The judges and the audience have gotten used to polished performances and could NEVER guess all the hard work that the teams put into it. The transformation is un-freakin-believable. As for Stampede...when they sent us their update rehearsal videos (which they do after we leave to make sure they aren't riding off the rails) they were in rooms that were the size of a bathroom ... or a hallway... and, if you saw the show you know, the team was huge. So, it is more than just is determination, sweat and pure team work. They only excel if they work their butts off and come together as a team.
Here are my TAKIN' ONE FOR THE TEAM Honourable Mentions!
I didn't know that Ron shaved his moustache...for the first time in like 30 years...he also learned to ride that old timey bike he rode...THAT DAY...and then quick changed into huge clown shoes...which he danced in... FOR THE WHOLE NUMBER!! YAY RON!
Then Jodi, the strong man in the number and the team glue put on that freakin' singlet...god bless his soul!! Not everyone has the hips to pull that off, Jodi!
Dani and Jeff going over and over and over that freaking lift...they killed it on the stage.
Sarah, the lover girl, worked hard on her voice to match, lover boy Ryan's voice...really hard...and they both worked on their characters...they were circus love gone RIGHT!!
And then there was Sharon...awesome...she had such a great spirit...and was so game to be a bearded lady...that is taking one for the team...and she was pretty hot with that beard!!
Take a look at this awesome before and after experience and you will learn a bit more what it is about!!

Aren't they awesome!
They really are.
And RBC rehearsed their tails off as well. Kelly and Scott told me that their team had really done the work...and it showed. Worthy opponents. One of my two fave Scott and Kelly numbers of the season (and they are all wonderful) couldn't help but smile and get carried away. 
Here is the RBC before and after video.

These people executed two full musical theatre pieces. 
What a wonderful thing.
I would also like to thank the AMAZING wardrobe saw Lisa Williams in the video...she and her team are responsible for all of the costumes...ALL OF THEM and styling all of us. And people fly from out of town...just before we is a hard ass job and they do it so awesomely. THANK YOU!! And to the hair and make up crew who did such a wonderful job on our circus people!
A TIE!!! Ice seemed fine with that...Laurieann not so much!! BUT WE WERE SURE HAPPY! 
It is the way we always (Artistic Teams) wish it could go...they both work so hard...and come so far. 
Losing sucks ass.
One more week...sigh.
It goes by so quickly.
Next week is Purdy's Chocolate vs. Go Transit...and it is...something of my faves ...  again...wait...maybe they are all my faves.
Yes...that seems right!
So, tune in next week, people!
Don't miss the last show!!
It guessed it...a barn burner...

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