Saturday, July 21, 2012

Five Fave Things That Happened... #GOLD

Five Fave Things That Happened at Preview Two of #GOLD  at Buddies in Bad Times

1. I got myself some new and special gold gloves from where, Fashion Crimes, of course, so that I could still shake everyone's hand before the show...and not get cholera (UK producer will be happy to hear this...Must remember to cleanse the cholera gloves)

2. At least 30 people came from the TO (and Calgary!) teams of Canada Sings...Ontario Science Centre, Elmwood Spa, OPP, RBC, WestJet...some friends from each team meeting for the first time...that show changes lives...we laughed and cried...and then almost all of them bought merch...making it my most successful merch night ever. 
YAY to Canada Sings!!
Thanks to Karen Hager (from OSC) for arranging it all!

3. When I got to a place in the show, in a story, where I named a certain real name from high school, 7 of my high school friends groaned...I was waiting for it all night. Leaving in real names of people who are shitty to you, making their bullying art, while you are wearing a gold sequined dress and looking amazing is the ultimate revenge.

4. We were Standing Room Only when the doors opened. Doing 4 nights of cabaret in TO is a very daunting thing. And to be SRO two nights in a row made me warm in my happy place. And then next two nights have ALSO sold really well...I release a special number of tickets everyday...have you got your tickets?
(Box Office opens at Noon #416 975 8555)

5.The Ever Amazing Alison Somerville wrote this on twitter...

is underestimating herself if you ask me. Sharron Matthews Superstar - ...GO SEE IT!!! Brilliance in action!"

What a night.
I made a cut in the show...changed it up...gonna make a few changes is always a bit "shit your pants" that way...come on down, people.
Let's play.
Thanks to Karen Hager for taking this can ALMOST see up my skirt...almost...

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