Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wild Goose Chase to PROUD FM, Q responds and A NEW CLIP FROM "JESUS THINKS..."

I woke up bright and early in  my dear friends apartment (he is in London working at the fancy Olympics) did my hairs (even though I was going on the radio) and got into my car. Someone wanted to take my spot...I screamed out the window that I had some stuff to do before I moved...Like he gave a crap...he flipped me the bird and waited and then I took 45 minutes (it seemed that long...happily) to plug my earphones into my IPhone. Suck on that.
I got on the highway about 1:15 minutes before I needed to be at Proud FM 103.9 (who does not love them, I ask you...) and pulled out my GPS on my new IPhone.
And as I got farther and farther from TO my heart became scared...where the eff was I going?
TO THE WRONG PLACE!!! WHY DOES DUNDAS WEST have addresses with numbers that start all over again between Mavis and jesus knows WHERE!?!?! WHAT THE FUCK!?!?
I watched the time tick by as a navigated my way to...CLARKSON or some effing place...what the???
So, I called Chris and Richard at Proud FM and we did the interview on the phone while I tried to find my way back into TO.
It was also live to tape...sorry, people who tuned in...I will see when it is on and give you the high sign.
Whew...oh, am I almost ran out of gas...and I had WONDERFUL country and western hair.

SEE!?!? I kinda sacrificed a good angle so that you can see my poster hanging on the wall...up the left hand corner...
It is 8 days till the big show...I had a wonderful rehearsal with Cooch yesterday....I would be singing songs and doing stories and then screaming out "I'VE GOT IT!" (scaring the shit out of poor little Cooch) and then madly rushing to try and write the idea before it flew out of my head.
I love this part...the creation...and you know what part I kinda don't love...wandering around the city...hanging up posters....yes, I do it myself...who else?
People accost me...they judge...they look snooty...I think, "Do you know who the eff I think I am...oh wait ...I know...and independent cabaret artist in Canada...ah yes...yes...I use scotch tape to hang them...thank you..."
So, I got some awesome news (which I can't announce till tomorrow) and some shit news this morning.
After my extensive 5 day campaign (on line and behind the scenes...I thank all of you who supported me in this) I have been informed that the powers that be have passed on me for Q.
Uber sigh.
Yes...I ain't gonna lie to does sadden me.
With all the TV, the international credits and what not I thought this might be my year...ah well. 
What is a cabaret performer in Canada gonna do? 
Keep working her shit, people.
This is the moment when I send out a big thank you to all of the media in Toronto who supports the hell outta me...Chris and Richard at Proud FM, Jean and Mike at Classical 96,  Glenn and Jon at the Now Magazine, Richard at the Toronto Star, John who now freelances for the Toronto Sun, Kelly at I have forgotten anyone...I apoligize! Thank you!
And speaking of working her is another taste of my "Jesus Thinks I'm Funny" Show from the EdFRinge last year. It is one of my fave bits...yes, takes a story from the Bachelor and weaves it with some Janet Jackson and Whitney Houston...and church. Accompanied by Chris Tsujuichi...he is awesome!

8 Days till Buddies in Bad Times!! BUY YOUR TICKETS #416 975 8555 
20 Days till Edfringe!! BUY YOUR TICKETS!
Less than 2 months till London!  BUY YOUR TICKETS!

Give a watch and if you dig it? Pass it on! LOVES! 



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