Sunday, July 22, 2012


Hey ALL!!
I cannot believe TONIGHT is my last show in Canada!
I have been looking forward/have been terrified about this FOREVER!! 
The audiences have been SRO EVERY NIGHT! And I hope tonight is the same...because, you see, I have a little independent Canadian artist dream to sell 400 tickets over 4 days. I know this might not sound like a lot but when you are a solo performer the amount of work that goes into a gold...I mean goal like that (see what I did there) is staggering...I am not trying to be all, "oh my god, I work so life is so hard...."( and please say the aforementioned in a valley girl voice...dated, I know, but perfect) but just keepin' it real!
I have met my goal every night...or at least come pretty fucking close. And the community of people who have been helping on social media, bringing many people to show, and just plain supporting my tour is also I thank you all for that.
I would like to personally thank the media who have helped me...and their help has really put this TO leg of the tour over the top...Now Magazine (Glenn, Jon and Jordan), XTRA (Chris Dupuis), Classical 96.3 (Jean and Mike), Proud FM (Richard and Chris), SheKnows (Sara), BroadwayWorld (Kelly) and all of the papers and webpapers in Scotland who have announced their "Best and Pics" lists so early that I could capitalize on them (Scotsman, ScotsGay, Comedy Reviewer and the wonderful New Current who named me "Woman of The Year"....holy freakin'). As of today myself and the two other shows I worked with to get to EdFringe (Mickey and Judy and NGGRFG) have all been listed in ScotsGay's Hot 100 Pics for the Fringe!!! Canucks ALL!! WOO WOO!!! Getting on those lists are a fucking achievement in themselves!
So, here we are!
The dress works.
The hair works.
The shoes work.
The Cholera gloves work.
The show is timed perfectly.
The flow is just right.
I think I am ready...holy shit.
So, let us do this one last night in Canada !!
Here is last nights fave tweet...for content and also because the writer went to the trouble to include the show info!! ROCK ON!!

Last night! better than anything u've seen in some time. - GOLD at Buddies in Bad TImes! call 416 975 8555 for tix."

Come on out!
Come early to get your tickets...if you don't have them already...I let a few go this morning that I have saved JUST SUCH AN OCCASION! I am not sure if the BOX OFFICE is open during the day today or if it opens two hours before show time....but just in case #416 975 8555
I can't wait to see you!!!
Here are some pics of the fabulous people who have come out to the show and posted their shots on the FB or the twitter!!! 
Gotta love it!

 Bailey, Myself and Tene! 
(These ladies were in Edinburgh last year and have been twittering FOOLS!! Thank you!!)
 Me and Lianne! 
(She came with the 30 or so AMAZING people from the Canada Sings Teams! And she wasn't even one of my team members!! GOD BLESS! She works for WestJet! YAY!!!)
 Me and Richard Ryder from Proud FM!!! 
(HE has a great laugh! AND had me on his show!
 Regan, Myself and Darci
(Regan and I went to high school together....she ALWAYS comes to the shows AND brings a huge group with her!! And Darci is a self professed SUPER FAN! YOU GOTTA LOVE THAT!!)

Karen from the Ontario Science Centre and Celeste from the OPP Team on Canada Sings! 
Both team captains. Met for the first time this night. Friends Forever! Karen arrange about 30 people coming to the show. AWESOME.

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